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What is Apostille vs Notary?

So you’ve got some important documents you need to get authenticated for use abroad. Do you go the apostille route or find a notary public? or both? It can be confusing to understand the difference and determine which is the right choice for your needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Apostille – a certificate […]

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Leveraging Biometrics to Enhance your Notary Business

The world of notarization is evolving rapidly, and virtual notaries are becoming increasingly popular. As the digital landscape expands, it is crucial for notary businesses to adapt to new technologies and cater to a broader customer base.One promising avenue to explore is leveraging the use of biometrics, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, to […]

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R.O.N. Software, My Chevy, Whiskey & Rye

Do you like the way your API software purs when you peak under the hood? Do you sometimes take your favorite “RON software” out for a spin even though the signers are sight unseen. If you’re not an “E-closing gear head” you can stop reading right now. We might not be a perfect match if […]

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What’s the Buzz with Biometrics?

What’s the buzz with biometrics? Biometrics is new form of cybersecurity technology that has only reached consumer hands at an affordable price point relatively recently. Already, biometrics are changing the way that humans do  business (especially anything done on your phone). Is your company taking advantage of Biometrics to the fullest extent? It’s important to […]

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What is an Affiant in Legal Terms?

Most of us are familiar with the term affidavit but do you know who an affiant is? Many of your might be hearing this term for the first time. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to make you familiar with the term affiant; when do you need an affiant? Who can be an affiant? […]

Online Notary

Why and How to Become an Online Notary

Starting a notary service of your own can be an exciting job, but it demands a lot of experience and certifications. Notaries or public notaries are a small but essential part of the legal system. It acts as a witness in signing oaths, affidavits, and official documents such as contracts, deeds, depositions, and statements. By […]

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Get To Know Online Notary Service 

Nowadays, everything is available online. Each service and product that you can think of is available online. Earlier, there was a belief that only a few things could be available online, but you can now notarize your legal documents also online. Yes, you heard it right. Now you will not have to roam around to […]