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The Indispensability of Notaries Public in the Epoch of Artificial Intelligence and Generative Fraud

‘What if the contract you’re signing is to sell your soul to the devil?’

Ah, the digital age—a milieu wherein we entrust algorithms to find us love and self-driving cars to spare us the odious task of parallel parking. The Notary Public—perhaps the last bastion of human authenticity.

Beneath the dry ink and wax seals lies a complex tapestry of responsibilities that no AI could ever hope to replicate. Allow me to elucidate why notaries will outlive us all—even in the increasingly absurd theater of AI-generated fraud.

The Subtleties of Human Discernment

Picture an AI trying to discern whether a person signing a document is under duress. A human Notary Public might pick up on a quivering lip or darting eyes, while the best AI could do is check if someone’s holding a gun in the Zoom background—a rather, let’s say, ‘blunt’ instrument for assessing coercion.

In the escalating arms race of AI-generated fraud, think of human notaries as your own personal Gandalf—standing on the bridge and shouting, “You shall not pass!” at every deepfaked likeness that seeks entry into legitimacy.

The Terrain of Ethical Deliberation

Ah, ethics—the dinner table topic that has launched a thousand family feuds. While Siri might help you find a nearby restaurant, she’s hardly equipped to navigate the murky waters of moral dilemmas. What if the contract you’re signing is to sell your soul to the devil? A human notary might at least raise an eyebrow.

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Can I haz a real human?

‘The law: humanity’s favorite game of “Simon says,” but with higher stakes and Latin phrases.’

Sensibilities of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence

There’s no “There’s an app for that!” when it comes to understanding the nuances of human culture and emotion.

Unless we desire our legal documents to be authenticated with the emotional acumen equivalent to a wrecking ball in a room full of Fabergé eggs, it would be prudent to entrust this delicate endeavor to the nuanced capabilities of human discernment.

The Labyrinth of Jurisprudence

The law: humanity’s favorite game of “Simon says,” but with higher stakes and Latin phrases.

Navigating this complicated web is a skill refined over years of experience, not a weekend code bootcamp for aspiring AIs.

Fortress of Data Sanctity

Sure, AI offers “top-notch” data security—until it becomes self-aware and decides to erase your existence, à la Skynet. Having a human gatekeeper in the notarization process provides that extra layer of existential reassurance.

Symbiosis of Artificial and Human Intelligences

The future is not AI or humans; it’s AI and humans. Think of it as a buddy cop movie where one partner is a by-the-book algorithm, and the other is a wisecracking notary who doesn’t have time for nonsense but makes time for justice.


And so, dear readers, as we wade through the digital mire of the 21st century, it becomes evident that notaries are to society what the spleen is to the human body—often misunderstood, yet indispensable, especially when things get infected.

The rise of AI-generated fraud only intensifies the comedic tragedy of contemplating the replacement of these human stalwarts.

Yes, AI can augment, but let’s not kid ourselves—it’s far from putting the ‘notary’ in ‘revolutionary.’

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