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The Indispensability of Notaries Public in the Epoch of Artificial Intelligence and Generative Fraud

‘What if the contract you’re signing is to sell your soul to the devil?’ Ah, the digital age—a milieu wherein we entrust algorithms to find us love and self-driving cars to spare us the odious task of parallel parking. The Notary Public—perhaps the last bastion of human authenticity. Beneath the dry ink and wax seals […]

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BlueNotary and Ironclad Authentication: Blockchain Power

BlueNotary Integrates Blockchain Technology with PKI Encryption for Enhanced Authentication If you’re a certified notary and technology enthusiast, then you’ve certainly been following with much excitement the rapid growth of Blockchain technology.  BlueNotary’s recent introduction of Blockchain into their authentication system, is changing the way that Notarization and authentication is viewed in the industry. This […]

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Introducing: BlueChain – Blockchain Security for Documents

Blockchain + Remote Online Notarization The debate between using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and blockchain technology to achieve secure digital transactions has been ongoing for some time. Both technologies have their advantages, but determining which one is the most secure solution continues to be a sticking point with organizations across industries. However, when it comes […]