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Why Customers Are Frustrated with DocVerify’s Service As the digital transformation wave sweeps across various sectors, online notarization platforms have come into prominence. DocVerify is one of the leaders in this domain, offering a range of electronic and remote notarization services. However, a growing segment of its customer base has been expressing dissatisfaction with various […]

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The Indispensability of Notaries Public in the Epoch of Artificial Intelligence and Generative Fraud

‘What if the contract you’re signing is to sell your soul to the devil?’ Ah, the digital age—a milieu wherein we entrust algorithms to find us love and self-driving cars to spare us the odious task of parallel parking. The Notary Public—perhaps the last bastion of human authenticity. Beneath the dry ink and wax seals […]

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The Impact of Virtual Notarization in Combating Fraud

Real estate fraud poses a significant threat to homeowners and buyers, with criminals employing various scams to exploit the system. However, the rise of virtual notarization has emerged as a powerful tool in the fight against real estate fraud. By partnering with virtual notaries or remote online notaries, individuals and organizations can implement robust security […]