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Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or DocuX?

In today’s fast-paced environment, picking the right e-signing and notarization platform is key. It can really help us streamline workflows and ensure we’re following all the legal requirements. Both BlueNotary and DocuX are strong contenders, each with unique features to suit different needs. If you need secure online notarization 24/7, BlueNotary might be the better fit. DocuX, on the other hand, excels at managing documents and getting them e-signed with all the fancy extras.

This breakdown will dive into the nitty-gritty of both platforms. We’ll cover their key features, security measures, how easy they are to use, who they’re typically designed for, pricing options, and customer support. This way, you’ll have all the info you need to pick the perfect platform for your specific needs.

About BlueNotary

BlueNotary stands out for online notarization, letting you get documents notarized securely over video chat, 24/7, and anywhere in the US. We follow all the legal guidelines, so it’s a reliable option for anyone who needs to get something notarized quickly and easily. This is especially handy if you need something done outside of regular business hours.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

BlueNotary shines when it comes to online notarization. We offer a secure and convenient way to get your documents notarized via video chat, 24/7, from anywhere in the US. We adhere to all legal requirements, making us a reliable choice for anyone needing a quick and easy notarization. This is particularly helpful if you have something time-sensitive that falls outside of standard business hours.

Scheduling a video call with an Online Notary on BlueNotary is a breeze. All you need to do is upload your documents and answer a few questions to verify your identity. It’s a secure, legal, and user-friendly platform, making it an excellent choice for anything from real estate closings to signing important legal or financial documents.


BlueNotary prioritizes security. We utilize the same top-notch encryption technology banks rely on to keep your information confidential and secure. Think of it as a high-tech shield that scrambles your data, ensuring only authorized eyes can see it.

We also use a secure video chat to double-check your ID before notarizing anything. Plus, we keep a detailed record of each notarization, like a digital fingerprint, in case you ever need to reference it. All these security features make BlueNotary a reliable choice for businesses and individuals who need top-notch protection for their documents.


BlueNotary is designed to be easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech experts. Scheduling appointments, uploading documents, and getting things notarized is a breeze – the platform walks you through each step. And because we’re available 24/7, you can get something notarized whenever it works for you, day or night.

The platform itself is clean and user-friendly, so you won’t get lost clicking around. Plus, BlueNotary offers extras like live webinars and training videos to help you get the most out of all their features.

Specific Use Cases

Because BlueNotary is so versatile, it can handle a wide range of notarization needs, from business deals to personal documents. This makes it a valuable tool for many different users.

Real Estate Transactions

BlueNotary shines for real estate deals. Realtors and homebuyers can use it to get documents like purchase agreements and closing papers notarized remotely over video chat. No more needing everyone in the same room! This speeds things up and makes the closing process smoother, avoiding delays.

Legal Documents

BlueNotary isn’t just for businesses! Lawyers and individuals can use it to securely notarize any legal documents they need. Wills, contracts, affidavits – you name it, they handle it. And because they follow all state regulations, you can be confident everything is done properly. BlueNotary gives you peace of mind knowing your documents are in good hands.

Power of Attorney

BlueNotary makes getting a power of attorney notarized a breeze, which is crucial for people managing someone else’s affairs. You can get it done quickly, securely, and remotely over video chat, so there’s no need for everyone to be in the same place. This is especially helpful for situations where things need to happen fast.

Financial Agreements

Don’t just think real estate and legal with BlueNotary! Banks and individuals can use it for loan agreements, investment forms, and other financial documents too. Moreover, this keeps everything legal and secure, making your financial transactions smooth sailing. It’s a big timesaver for anyone dealing with complex financial matters who needs fast and reliable notarization.


Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for notaries handling occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year For notaries to manage business & get clients, includes more features.
Business $43/user/month For companies needing frequent notarizations, it includes two free RONs monthly, an additional cost of $10.

About DocuX

DocuX rocks for e-signatures and document management. It’s easy to use, works for any business size, and keeps things legal worldwide. Security’s on point integrates with your existing tools and saves you time. No wonder it’s a workflow hero!

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

DocuX isn’t just about e-signatures; they’ve got you covered for remote online notarization, too. This lets you get your electronic signatures verified by a notary online, making them legally binding and meeting international standards. They built this feature with the most rigorous legal requirements in mind, so you can be sure your documents will have the weight they need anywhere in the world.

DocuX takes security seriously with their remote notarization service. They use fancy ID verification tools to make sure everyone is who they say they are, and they keep a detailed record of everything that happens during the notarization process. This transparency is a big plus for businesses and individuals who work in different countries and need to follow all the different rules in each place. It gives everyone peace of mind.


DocuX security is top-notch. They use a multi-layered approach to keep your information and documents safe. For instance, every e-signature requires identity verification, so only authorized people can sign. Furthermore, they also maintain a detailed history for each document, like a record of who did what, which keeps things transparent and accountable. In short, DocuX gives you peace of mind knowing your documents are secure.

Absolutely, DocuX goes the extra mile to secure your documents. They use advanced features to prevent unauthorized access and tampering, so your sensitive information stays confidential. These robust security measures make DocuX a trusted choice for industries with strict security requirements, like finance, legal, and healthcare. Think of it like Fort Knox for your documents!


DocuX keeps things user-friendly. Their interface is straightforward, which makes managing documents and getting signatures a breeze. They’ve got a powerful built-in editor for crafting and editing contracts, and adding things like signatures is simple with drag-and-drop functionality. Plus, you can track the progress of your documents in real time, so you always know exactly where things stand. This keeps delays at bay and helps your workflow run smoothly.

Moreover, DocuX integrates with the tools you already use, like Slack, which is a game-changer. This means you can get updates and collaborate with your team right within Slack, keeping everyone in the loop and moving things forward. Basically, this ease of use is a massive win for busy professionals juggling tons of documents and needing to keep their team on the same page. No more hunting down information or chasing people for updates!

Specific Use Cases

DocuX sounds like a comprehensive solution for managing documents electronically. Their features seem to cover a lot of ground, making them a good fit for many different businesses.

Sales and HR Departments

DocuX is a lifesaver for sales and HR teams! It streamlines document management by having everything you need under one roof. Moreover, think about it: drafting, negotiating, and finalizing contracts or getting employment agreements signed – all on the same platform. DocuX cuts through the hassle and saves everyone a ton of time and headaches.

DocuX streamlines things for sales and HR in a big way. By having everything in one platform, workflow becomes smooth and mistakes are less likely. This means contracts and employment agreements move through the process much faster. Plus, DocuX allows everyone involved to collaborate and stay informed in real-time, keeping everything on track and everyone in the loop. It’s a win-win for efficiency.

Legal and Finance Sectors

DocuX is a game-changer for legal and finance folks. It simplifies handling important documents, from start to finish. Lawyers can use it to easily draft and finalize contracts, while finance teams can use it to manage loan agreements and other paperwork securely. DocuX keeps it secure! They double-check IDs and track every step with a log, so your secrets stay safe and you’re always legal.

Freelancers and Small Teams

DocuX offers a reliable and efficient system for managing all your documents. With their advanced features, you can control access and keep things confidential, while the collaboration tools allow your team to work together smoothly on contracts, invoices, and any other paperwork you need. It’s like having a mini document department at your fingertips!

Freelancers will love how easy it is to use and how it provides all the support they need to get documents drafted, signed, and stored securely. Small teams can take advantage of real-time updates and collaboration features to keep everyone in the loop and moving forward. This can boost productivity and ensure projects are completed on time. No more chasing people down for updates or wondering where things stand!

Making Your Pick

Need a fast and secure notary anytime, anywhere? Go with BlueNotary. We’re available 24/7 online, our security is top-notch, and our platform is easy to use. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone who needs something notarized quickly, no matter where they are or what time it is. DocuX is terrific for keeping track of documents and getting signatures electronically. They really shine when it comes to controlling precisely who can see and edit things, and everyone can work on the same document at once. 

However, if your primary concern is getting something notarized online in a secure and legal way, BlueNotary will be a better fit. We have great customer support and lots of helpful resources, and their pricing is transparent and upfront. Basically, if you need something notarized quickly and easily, BlueNotary seems like the way to go.

Explore BlueNotary today to experience the best in secure, convenient, and efficient online notarization services.

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