Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or DrySign?

With everything moving so fast these days, choosing the right platform for e-signatures and online notarizations is a must-have for any business. It can make your operations smoother and keep you on the legal side of things. Two robust options are BlueNotary and DocuSign. They both have a bunch of features that can handle different needs, making them popular choices.

This guide will break down BlueNotary and DocuSign and show you what makes them tick. We’ll cover things like security, how easy they are to use, what kind of documents they’re suitable for, pricing, and how they handle customer support. By the end of this, you’ll be a pro and ready to pick the platform that best fits your business and helps you get things done faster!

About BlueNotary

BlueNotary is a big name in online notarization for a reason. We make getting documents notarized a breeze, no matter where you are or what time it is. We use secure video chat to keep everything legit in all 50 states. Basically, it’s like having a notary on demand, ready to help with anything from real estate deals to legal paperwork or financial agreements. BlueNotary cuts out the need for in-person meetings, saving you tons of time and hassle.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

The best thing about BlueNotary is its remote online notarization, or RON for short. This lets you get documents notarized over a secure video call, so you don’t have to waste time tracking down a notary in person. You can do it all from your desk or couch, 24/7! Here’s how it works: schedule a video call with a certified Online Notary, upload your documents, and answer a few quick questions to verify your ID. Boom, done! Furthermore, this is especially helpful if you need something notarized urgently or can’t make it to a notary in person, maybe because of distance or your schedule.


Security is a top priority for BlueNotary, just like it is for your bank. We use top-notch encryption to keep all your information safe and sound. Plus, our secure video chat technology makes sure the person signing the documents is the real deal, preventing any funny business. Moreover, every session is also recorded and stored securely, so you have a detailed record if you ever need it. Finally, with all these measures in place, you can relax knowing BlueNotary takes your privacy and security seriously.


BlueNotary is all about making things easy for you; no tech wiz is required. Our interface is super user-friendly, walking you through every step, from scheduling your appointment to uploading documents and getting things notarized. Plus, we’re available 24/7, so you can knock out that notarization whenever it fits your schedule; there is no need to wait around for business hours. Additionally, if you ever get stuck, BlueNotary has a ton of resources available, like live webinars and training videos, to turn you into a pro in no time.

Specific Use Cases

BlueNotary excels in various professional and personal scenarios, providing seamless and secure online notarization tailored to specific needs:

Real Estate Transactions

Buying a house? BlueNotary can be a lifesaver. It lets you get all those closing documents notarized remotely or over video chat. Therefore, no more scrambling to meet everyone in person! Buyers, sellers, and agents can all be there virtually, from anywhere. Basically, this saves tons of time and makes the whole closing process smoother.

Legal Documents

Need to get some legal paperwork notarized? Wills, contracts, affidavits – you name it, BlueNotary can handle it securely and easily over video chat. No sweat! Plus, we follow all the legal regulations in every state, so you can be sure those documents are legit and enforceable. Thus, this makes BlueNotary a great option for lawyers, paralegals, or anyone who needs to get things notarized quickly and without any hassle.

Financial Agreements

BlueNotary can also be your go-to for financial documents. Need to get loan agreements, investment forms, or other contracts notarized? We can do it all securely online over video chat. This means you and your business can move forward with confidence, knowing everything is legal and above board. Essentially, BlueNotary is a great fit for financial advisors, lenders, and anyone managing their finances.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney documents can be tricky, and sometimes you need to get them done fast. BlueNotary can help! We can notarize your power of attorney forms online over secure video chat, so everything is legal and gets done right. Furthermore, this is a huge timesaver, especially if you need to give someone else the authority to act on your behalf quickly. No more scrambling to find a notary in person – BlueNotary has you covered.

Remote Business Transactions

BlueNotary isn’t just for personal stuff. Businesses can benefit, too! Imagine getting contracts and agreements notarized remotely without anyone needing to be in the same room. Therefore, this saves tons of time and keeps things moving smoothly. No more scheduling conflicts or waiting around for everyone to be free. With BlueNotary, businesses can close deals faster and keep their operations running efficiently.


Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for notaries handling occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year For notaries to manage business & get clients, includes more features.
Business $43/user/month For companies needing frequent notarizations, it includes two free RONs monthly, an additional cost of $10.

About DrySign

DrySign is another big name in the e-signature game. They make it super easy for individuals and businesses to sign, share, store, and track documents all from any device. This streamlines workflows and keeps everyone on the same page. Furthermore, DrySign uses top-notch security features to make sure everything is legal and above board, making it a reliable choice for important documents.

Digital Signatures and Document Management

DrySign makes handling documents a breeze. You can upload them from any device, like your phone, computer, or tablet. Then, signing them is as easy as a few clicks. Plus, you can share those documents with others right there on the platform. DrySign even keeps track of everything with a real-time trial, showing exactly who signed what and when. Additionally, this adds a layer of transparency and keeps everyone accountable.

Furthermore, they use something called PKI technology, which basically acts like a digital fingerprint for your signature. This ensures that every signed document is legit and can’t be tampered with. Plus, DrySign makes it easy for multiple people to sign documents electronically, so no more waiting around for everyone to get their turn.


DrySign takes security seriously, just like your bank. They use a multi-layered approach to keep your data and signed documents safe. Moreover, one key ingredient is PKI technology, which acts like a digital fingerprint for your signature. This fancy tech ensures every signed document is legit and can’t be tampered with. PKI also verifies each signature, preventing unauthorized access and funny business.

Furthermore, DrySign goes the extra mile on security. Not only do they use PKI technology for tamper-proof signatures, but they also add timestamps to every document, creating a clear record of exactly when it was signed. Plus, DrySign follows all the important e-signature laws, like the ESIGN Act and UETA. This means those digital signatures are legally binding, just like the kind you put on paper. Therefore, you can relax knowing your documents are secure and enforceable under the law.


DrySign isn’t just secure; it’s user-friendly too. Their dashboard is like a central hub for all your documents. You can see everything at a glance – what’s pending, what’s signed, what’s archived. No more hunting around for lost paperwork! DrySign can also handle complex signing workflows, where documents need to be signed by specific people in a certain order. So, whether you’re dealing with a simple contract or a multi-step agreement, DrySign can handle it all.

Additionally, DrySign also plays well with others! It integrates with popular cloud services like OneDrive and Google Drive. This means you can access and manage your documents from anywhere, right on your favorite platform. Essentially, there is no need to switch between apps or download anything extra. This seamless integration keeps things running smoothly and helps you get more done in less time.

Specific Use Cases

DrySign is a highly versatile platform that caters to a variety of professional and personal scenarios, offering seamless and secure electronic signatures tailored to specific needs:

Business Transactions

Need to get contracts, agreements, or other business documents signed but worried about security? DrySign can be your secret weapon. Their tamper-proof technology makes sure everything is legit and legally binding. Therefore, no more wondering if a document has been messed with. This makes DrySign a great fit for any business that needs a secure and reliable way to handle important documents.

Real Estate

Real estate agents and brokers can close deals faster with DrySign. Imagine getting all those complicated real estate documents signed electronically by all the necessary parties without any hassle. DrySign handles multiple signatures and keeps track of everything so you can focus on what matters – getting your clients into their new homes (or selling their old ones)!

Human Resources

DrySign can be a lifesaver for HR departments, too. Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork! With DrySign, you can manage and get all those employment forms, contracts, and other HR documents signed electronically. Moreover, this cuts down on paper trails, makes record-keeping a breeze, and frees up your HR team’s time to focus on more important things.

Legal Departments

Lawyers and legal professionals can breathe a sigh of relief with DrySign. They can securely sign and manage all sorts of legal documents electronically – agreements, affidavits, the whole shebang. Furthermore, DrySign follows all the legal regulations, so you can be sure everything is legit and enforceable. This makes DrySign a perfect fit for law firms that need a secure and efficient way to handle sensitive legal documents.


DrySign can also be a game-changer for financial institutions. It lets you get loan agreements, investment forms, and other financial documents signed electronically in a secure and legal way. Thus, this means everything is above board and protected, giving both you and your clients peace of mind.


Plan Type Cost Features
Free Sign $0 5 Documents, 1 Template, Document Tracking (Notify, Remove, Reassign)
Individual $7 (Annual) – $8.99 (Monthly) 80 Documents, 5 Templates, Document Tracking (Notify, Remove, Reassign), Hierarchical Signatures
Professional $14 (Annual) – $16.99 (Monthly) 600 Documents, 25 Templates, Document Tracking (Notify, Remove, Reassign), Hierarchical Signatures
Premium Custom Pricing Customized plans and integrations, Contact sales for tailored solutions

Making Your Pick!

Ultimately, choosing between BlueNotary and DrySign depends on your specific needs, but BlueNotary emerges as the superior option for secure, flexible, and user-friendly notarizations. With its 24/7 availability, robust security measures, and straightforward process, BlueNotary ensures legal compliance and convenience for various professional and personal scenarios.

Thus, whether you need to notarize real estate documents, legal agreements, financial forms, or power of attorney, BlueNotary offers a seamless and reliable solution, making it the ideal choice for your notarization needs. 

Ready to get started? Explore BlueNotary today to experience efficient, secure, and convenient online notarization services that cater to both personal and business needs.

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