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Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or NotaryCam?

In today’s digital world, where things move fast, picking the right platform for e-signatures and online notarization is a big deal. Both BlueNotary and NotaryCam offer robust options with a lot to consider, so it can be challenging to choose the best one. This guide will break down their key features, security, ease of use, who they’re best for, pricing, and how their customer support works. By understanding all this, you can make an informed decision based on your needs, whether it’s for business or personal use. This will ensure your notarizations are efficient and secure.


Remote Online Notarization (RON)

BlueNotary takes the cake for secure and convenient online notarization. Get this – you can get your documents notarized from anywhere, anytime, all across the US! No more scrambling to meet a notary in person during business hours. Plus, everything is handled legally according to state regulations. It’s a win-win for both security and ease of use.

Here’s how it works: you schedule a quick video call with a certified Online Notary, upload your documents, and answer some security questions to verify your identity. It’s a breeze!  This service is excellent for all sorts of things, from legal documents to real estate deals to financial agreements.

Gone are the days of scheduling appointments or hunting down a notary during business hours. BlueNotary’s online notarization, also known as Remote Online Notarization (RON), is a game-changer in today’s digital world. Whether you’re closing on a house, signing important agreements, or handling financial matters, BlueNotary streamlines the process for maximum efficiency.  With RON, you can get everything notarized from the comfort of your own home or office – perfect for busy professionals and anyone who values their time.


Security is paramount at BlueNotary. We use bank-grade encryption technology to keep your personal information under lock and key.  But that’s not all! Our secure video chat system adds an extra layer of protection. Before any document gets notarized, we’ll verify your ID and ask you some security questions.  This double verification helps prevent fraud and ensures everything is handled legitimately.

For peace of mind, BlueNotary keeps a detailed record of every notarization session, like a digital fingerprint. So, if any questions pop up down the road, there’s a clear trail to follow.  These strong security measures make BlueNotary a reliable choice for businesses and anyone who needs their notarizations to be secure and dependable.


BlueNotary makes getting things notarized a breeze. Our platform is super user-friendly, with a clean and straightforward layout that walks you through each step.  No need to be a tech whiz – scheduling appointments, uploading documents, and verifying your ID are all simple and straightforward.

Another big advantage of BlueNotary is that we’re available 24/7. So whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can get your documents notarized whenever they fit your schedule. This is especially helpful for people with busy schedules or those who can’t make it to a notary during regular business hours.

On top of our user-friendly platform, BlueNotary offers a bunch of resources to help you get the most out of it. We have live webinars, training videos, and clear support articles. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, BlueNotary has you covered – you can learn the ropes or pick up some advanced tricks.

Specific Use Cases

BlueNotary is versatile and well-suited for a variety of professional and personal needs:

  • Real Estate Transactions: For real estate deals, BlueNotary is a game-changer. It streamlines the notarization of all those closing documents, which is especially helpful when people involved are scattered in different places. No need for everyone to be in the same room – BlueNotary makes it work smoothly even if you’re miles apart.
  • Legal Documents: BlueNotary isn’t just for real estate. We can handle all sorts of legal documents, too, from wills and contracts to affidavits and more. And you can rest assured that everything is secure and follows all the state rules.
  • Power of Attorney: BlueNotary can also help you get your power of attorney documents notarized quickly and securely. This is a big plus for anyone dealing with critical legal matters, giving you peace of mind knowing everything is handled correctly.
  • Financial Agreements: BlueNotary can also handle your financial documents, from loan agreements to investment forms. We make sure everything is legally sound and securely notarized, giving you one less thing to worry about.


BlueNotary offers several pricing plans to cater to different needs:

Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for notaries handling occasional notarizations; limited features
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year For notaries managing business & clients, includes more features
Business $43/user/month For companies needing frequent notarizations, this includes two free RONs monthly, $10 per additional RON
eSign Only Basic Free Up to 5 eSigns per month; no notarization features

BlueNotary understands that not everyone has the exact needs. That’s why we offer a variety of plans at different price points. Whether you’re a notary who needs something basic for occasional use or a business that needs more advanced features for frequent notarizations, BlueNotary has a plan that fits your needs and budget.


Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Need something notarized but stuck at home or the office? NotaryCam offers a secure and convenient way to get it done online. They operate across the US and even in some international locations.

Here’s how it works: you upload your documents, connect with a notary via video chat, verify your ID, and voila – your documents are notarized electronically. No need to squeeze in an in-person appointment. NotaryCam makes the online notarization process a breeze. Once you book your session, you’ll be connected with a qualified notary over a secure video call. To verify your identity, the notary will use some high-tech methods to confirm you are who you say you are. This reduces the risk of fraud and keeps everything secure.

Furthermore, NotaryCam shines with its versatility. Whether you’re dealing with real estate, legal contracts, financial agreements, or even personal matters, they can handle it all. They accept a wide range of documents, and unlike many competitors, they can even notarize them internationally. This makes them a great choice if you have business overseas.


Keeping your information safe is a top priority for NotaryCam. They use state-of-the-art security measures to ensure everything is done according to the rules. Think of it like this: during the video call, all your information gets scrambled with a super secure method called SSL encryption.  It’s basically like sending a coded message that only authorized people can understand. This way, your data stays protected throughout the entire process.

NotaryCam doesn’t just meet the bar for security; they raise it! They leverage Amazon’s top-notch security infrastructure, and on top of that, they’ve earned a special gold star (EI3PA certification) from Experian for their data security practices. This basically means an independent company has audited NotaryCam and given them a thumbs up for how they handle your information. So you can relax knowing your documents and data are in safe hands.

NotaryCam takes watertight measures to verify your identity. They use a two-step process: first, you’ll answer personal questions only you would know (think secret code!), then they’ll scan and double-check your government ID.  But that’s not all! NotaryCam uses unique technology to ensure your documents can’t be altered after the notarization is complete. All this adds up to a secure and reliable notarization process you can trust.


NotaryCam makes getting things notarized a breeze, no matter if you’re an individual or a business. Their user-friendly platform is easy to navigate, allowing you to schedule appointments, upload documents, and finalize notarizations in a few simple steps. Plus, NotaryCam is available 24/7, perfect for busy schedules or those who can’t make it during regular hours.

NotaryCam goes beyond convenience for businesses. They offer custom workflows that can be designed to fit your specific needs, making the notarization process smoother and faster. This reduces the risk of errors and saves you time. Plus, NotaryCam works on pretty much any device – desktops, laptops, tablets, even smartphones. Thus, you and your team can get things notarized from wherever you are.

Realtors, brokers, and lenders listen up! NotaryCam offers a game-changer for your closings: eClose360. This is a special platform designed specifically for real estate with no login hassles or extra software needed. It works seamlessly with popular loan systems and provides a secure legal environment to close deals. Basically, eClose360 lets you get closings done smoothly and securely, saving you time and making the process a breeze.

Specific Use Cases

NotaryCam is versatile and well-suited for a wide range of professional and personal needs:

  • Real Estate Transactions: NotaryCam’s eClose360 platform is a real estate agent’s best friend. It streamlines the notarization of closing documents, allowing for quick and secure electronic closings (eClosings). This eliminates the need for everyone to be in the same room –  perfect for remote signings and saving valuable time.
  • Business Transactions: NotaryCam isn’t just for real estate. Businesses can use their platform to securely notarize contracts, agreements, and other important documents. This ensures a smooth and secure process for all parties involved, saving everyone time and hassle.
  • Legal Documents: Need to get legal documents like wills, affidavits, or power of attorney forms notarized? NotaryCam can handle it all!  They ensure everything is done according to the law, so you can rest assured your documents are in order.
  • International Notarizations: NotaryCam isn’t just for the US – they can handle notarizations for clients worldwide! This makes them a one-stop shop for anyone dealing with international business matters. No more worrying about complex cross-border notarization processes.  NotaryCam can take care of it all for you, saving you time and frustration.


NotaryCam recognizes that everyone has different needs. That’s why they offer a variety of pricing plans, from a one-off notarization to comprehensive solutions for high-volume businesses. This way, you only pay for what you use. We can explore their plans in more detail to find the perfect fit for you:

Plan Type Cost Features
Individual $25 per notarization Single document notarization, ideal for occasional use
Enterprise Custom pricing Tailored solutions for businesses with high-volume notarization needs
Real Estate eClose Custom pricing eClose360 platform for real estate professionals includes integration with loan origination systems

Need a one-time notarization or to handle frequent transactions for your business? NotaryCam has you covered! Their flexible pricing plans ensure you only pay for what you need. They offer cost-effective solutions that are both convenient and valuable, so you can get documents notarized without the hassle and at a price that fits your budget.

Make Your Pick

Both BlueNotary and NotaryCam offer secure online notarization, but the best choice depends on what matters most to you.  Ultimately, consider your priorities – advanced security, specialized features, or a plan that fits your budget and usage.  Both services offer free trials or consultations, so you can try them out and see which feels like a better fit.

However, if you’re looking for a secure, efficient, and hassle-free way to get documents notarized, BlueNotary is a strong choice. Explore their services here to see if they’re the right fit for you.

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