Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or OneSpan Sign?

With everything moving so quickly these days, picking the correct method of electronic signatures and notarizations becomes crucial for optimizing the way we do things. Making a proper choice could possess an enormous influence on how rapidly we finish tasks, how safe everything is, and how convenient it is for everybody involved. Depending on what we want, OneSpan Sign and BlueNotary are both reliable choices with distinctive traits.

Everything we should know about these two e-signing and notary platforms will be presented thoroughly in this piece, especially the features they offer, the level of security, ease of use, typical user base, pricing, and customer service policies. When we’re through, you’ll have all the details needed to figure out the one that best fulfills what you want, whether it be for personal or business usage.


Let’s talk about BlueNotary first. We’re a big player in the world of online notarization, also known as RON. Basically, we’ve taken the traditional notary process and made it way more convenient by offering it online through a secure video chat. This prevents you from having to rush to find a notary during work hours and allows you to go get papers notarized anywhere and whenever you want. Additionally, and this is of paramount significance, we serve all 50 states. Don’t worry; everything will be safe and legal; we comply with all rules to ensure the authenticity of your notarizations.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

You can get documents notarized from anywhere with an internet connection, all through a secure video chat. It’s super convenient, no matter what you need notarized – buying a house, legal agreements, you name it. You just schedule a quick call with an online notary, upload your documents, and answer a few questions to verify who you are. No more wasting time waiting in line at a notary’s office or trying to find one open after work.


Security is definitely a top concern for BlueNotary. We use the same kind of high-level encryption that banks do to keep your info safe and confidential. This basically scrambles everything up so only authorized people can read it. We also use a secure video chat to double-check your identity before they notarize anything. Plus, we keep a detailed record of every notarization, like a digital fingerprint, for future reference. All this adds up to making BlueNotary a really secure option for anyone who needs to get something notarized and wants to be sure their information is protected.


BlueNotary’s intuitiveness is an integral feature. We lead you step-by-step through every part of the notarization procedure, so even if you’re not especially tech-savvy, you will do well. It’s easy and swift to set up meetings, submit homework, and get things notarized. We also offer access around the clock, so if that’s when it works best for you, you can have anything notarized at two in the morning. It’s simple to get through the site, given that it’s clear and simple to use. They additionally provide a ton of goods, like training videos and live webinars, which can help you in any instance when you meet challenges.

Specific Use Cases

As we mentioned, BlueNotary is really versatile. Our remote notarization services can be used for a whole range of things, whether it’s for business or personal use.

Closing Real Estate Transactions

When looking to buy or sell a home, BlueNotary could prove to be a genuine benefit. You do not have to worry about setting up in-person meetings to have all of the paperwork signed because everything can be notarized remotely. When you have to work with people who live far away or have hectic lives, this could spare a ton of effort and bother. It unquestionably reduces and decreases the strain of the overall procedure.

Legal Document Notarization

BlueNotary isn’t just for real estate – we can handle important legal documents too, like wills, contracts, and affidavits. We make sure everything is notarized securely and following all the state rules, so you can have peace of mind knowing your documents are valid and legally sound. This is especially helpful if you need to get something notarized fast, or if dealing with complicated legal matters.

Power of Attorney

BlueNotary comes in handy for those situations where you need to grant power of attorney quickly. Because everything can be done remotely, you can get those important documents notarized right away, even if you or the other person involved is far away. This can be a huge relief during stressful times.

Financial Documents

And it doesn’t stop there. BlueNotary can also handle financial documents like loan agreements, investment forms, and anything else that needs a notary stamp. By making sure everything’s notarized properly and legally, we help keep your financial ducks in a row and ensure your financial transactions go through smoothly.

Healthcare Directives

Even healthcare-related documents like living wills and other medical records are within our authority. For those who are reluctant to meet with a notary in person and want to be certain that their plans will be honored in case of a medical emergency, this may be tremendous assistance. You can sleep easy knowing that everything is written down and adhered to.

Business Agreements

For businesses, BlueNotary is like a one-stop shop for getting all sorts of agreements notarized, from contracts with vendors to forms for new employees. This helps companies stay on the right side of the law and keeps things moving smoothly. It saves them time and reduces the chance of mistakes, which is always a bonus.


We know that not everyone needs to get things notarized all the time. That’s why BlueNotary offers different pricing plans to fit your needs. Whether you need a notary just once in a while or use them regularly, there’s a plan that gives you the features you need without breaking the bank.

Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for notaries handling occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year For notaries to manage business & get clients, includes more features.
Business $43/user/month For companies needing frequent notarizations, it includes two free RONs monthly, with additional notarizations costing $10 each.
eSign Only Basic Free Up to 5 eSigns per month; no notarization features.

We have different plans depending on how often you need to get things notarized. We have a Basic plan that’s free and perfect for occasional use. Then, we have a Pro Hybrid plan with more features, which would be good for notaries who have their own businesses and clients. There’s also a Business plan for companies that need to get things notarized a lot, and it gives them some extra perks at a good price. And finally, we have an eSign Only Basic plan if you just need to use electronic signatures without the notarization part. This way, there’s a plan that fits almost anyone’s needs and budget.

OneSpan Sign

Another significant business in the e-signing space is OneSpan Sign. They are well-known for being incredibly adaptable and safe. Their ability to manage digital signatures and remote notarizations makes them perfect for a wide range of companies, including banks, insurance providers, and even hospitals. OneSpan Sign makes it simple to execute and notarize papers online, be in line with the law, and save time for the company you run. You can trust them with your sensitive papers since they stress safety and simplicity of usage.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

OneSpan Sign is capable of remote notarizations online in place of electronic signatures. It also implies that you can execute and have documents notarized from wherever you want at any given moment. This is a major benefit for fields where notarizations are prevalent, including banking, real estate, and law. You can circumvent in-person meetings, expedite the entire process, and ensure that you comply with the law by using OneSpan Sign. It’s really easy: simply submit your papers, use a secure video chat to validate yourself, and then get everything signed and secured.


Security is definitely a top priority for OneSpan Sign. They preserve your data using the very same high-grade encryption technology that banks do. Furthermore, they use multi-factor authentication, which can be basically another method to confirm your identity as well as to ensure that you’re the one signing the official documents. Furthermore, they hold a detailed record of every action linked to every document, thus making it easy to monitor information at any time. This is particularly important for sectors where maintaining the privacy of information is essential, like healthcare, banking, and insurance. OneSpan Sign goes beyond the ordinary to help protect your data and documents.


OneSpan Sign definitely keeps user-friendliness in mind. Their platform is easy to navigate, even for people who aren’t tech experts. It also works really well with other software you might already be using, so you can just plug it in and keep your workflow running smoothly. OneSpan Sign can handle pretty much any kind of document you throw at it, and they even have tools to help you prepare them – like drag-and-drop spots for signatures and dates. This makes it easy to get everything set up correctly the first time and avoid any mistakes.

Specific Use Cases

OneSpan Sign is like a Swiss Army knife for e-signatures and notarizations. It’s got all these features and security measures that make it a good fit for a whole bunch of different industries.

Financial Services

OneSpan Sign is a great fit for the financial world too. They can handle all sorts of financial documents securely and efficiently, like loan agreements, investment stuff, and anything else that needs a signature. Their strong security features keep all that sensitive information safe, and their streamlined process gets things done faster. This means less time spent on paperwork and more time focusing on what matters.


In healthcare, OneSpan Sign is a lifesaver for things like getting new patients signed up, handling consent forms, and all that other paperwork. They make sure everything follows HIPAA regulations, which is a big deal for keeping patient information private and secure. This translates to less busy work for the staff and a smoother experience for patients.


OneSpan Sign can also streamline things in the insurance world. They can handle policy signings, claims processing, and all that fun stuff electronically. This secure system with remote notarization helps get things done faster and keeps customers happy. No more waiting around for paperwork – everything gets signed and sealed quickly, so both clients and insurance companies can operate smoothly.

Real Estate

OneSpan Sign is also a game-changer for real estate agents. With their remote notarization, you can get stuff like property sales and lease agreements signed all online, with no need for everyone to be in the same room. This is a huge timesaver for busy agents and clients, and it keeps things moving smoothly.


OneSpan Sign doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing plan. They offer different options for developers, individual professionals, and even large companies. This way, you can find a plan that fits your needs and budget, whether you just want to test it out or need all the bells and whistles.

Plan Type Cost Features
Developer Sandbox Free Unlimited testing with enterprise-level features, API, and SDKs.
Professional Plan $22/user/month (billed annually) Unlimited templates, remote signing, advanced fields, mobile apps, integrations, and more.
Enterprise Plan Contact for pricing Customizable pricing, API & SDK support, embedded signing, white-labeling, real-time reporting, and premium support.

OneSpan Sign’s pricing scales with your business. They have plans for individual professionals all the way up to big corporations. No matter what size you are, they have features that will make your e-signing process smoother and more efficient.

Making Your Decision

So, which one should you choose? Ultimately, it depends on what you need most. Both BlueNotary and OneSpan Sign are secure and easy to use, and they can both handle e-signatures and notarizations. But if 24/7 availability, a super user-friendly interface, and strong remote notarization capabilities are your top priorities, then BlueNotary might be a better fit.

No matter how often you need things notarized, BlueNotary has a plan that fits your needs. We have options for occasional users and businesses that need things notarized all the time. This means that you receive the things that are most dear to you and only pay for what you plan to use. Getting documents notarized and signed is a snap with BlueNotary; it’s safe, practical, and suitable for personal as well as business use.

Ready to get started? Explore BlueNotary today to experience efficient, secure, and convenient online notarization services that cater to both personal and business needs.

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