Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or SIGNiX? Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or SIGNiX?

Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or SIGNiX?

In today’s digital world, where everything moves fast, picking the right tools for e-signatures and notarizations can really give your business a leg up on both efficiency and security. Two strong options are BlueNotary and SIGNiX, each with its own strengths to suit different needs. BlueNotary shines in Remote Online Notarization – you can get documents stamped virtually anytime, anywhere, with top-notch security. SIGNiX, on the contrary, organizes itself around blockchain technology and highly protected electronic signatures. Which one will be most suitable for you? Let’s explore more.

This analysis will take into account all the capabilities, technical details, practicality, and conditions in which they work best. This allows you to side-by-side assess SIGNiX and BlueNotary and pick the one that most effectively answers your requirements.

Exploring BlueNotary

Since 2012, BlueNotary has dominated the electronic notarization market. We know what we are doing because we were amongst the initial ones. Our main selling point is providing remote notarizations, or “RON signings,” in every state in the United States. This means you can get documents notarized anytime, anywhere, which is super convenient. Our platform uses secure video chat to verify your ID, following all the legal guidelines. Plus, we’re open 24/7, so you can squeeze in notarizations whenever you have a free moment.

There are not any hidden fees in the pricing, so you know how much you are paying upfront. BlueNotary defends your information with high-grade encryption, just like banks do. We also hold a detailed record of everything that happens during the notarization process, like a digital paper trail. This is important for legal reasons and security, allowing you to track and verify any notarization you get done through them. Since BlueNotary specializes in online notarizations, it makes us an excellent choice for things like real estate closings, legal documents, and financial agreements – anything that needs a secure and legally recognized stamp.

Discovering SIGNiX

SIGNiX focuses on providing top-notch digital signatures and offers a suite of three main products to tackle different needs:

  1. MyDoX: This is SIGNiX’s bread-and-butter digital signature product. It works for businesses of all sizes and lets you sign documents securely from any device. No more printing, signing, scanning, or mailing – MyDoX streamlines the whole process.
  1. eNotary: This is SIGNiX’s answer to remote online notarizations. This is similar to MyDoX but better, made for businesses who want a higher-powered digital signature solution. It consists of all the best privacy and compliance features integrated right in, and it cooperates seamlessly with your previous applications.
  1. Flex API: This is similar to MyDoX but better, made for businesses who want a higher-powered digital signature solution. It consists of all the best privacy and compliance features integrated right in, and it cooperates seamlessly with your previous applications.

For SIGNiX, security is paramount, which is precisely why their blockchain technology is helpful. Your signatures and documents are transformed into a safe record, making them legally effective and impervious. They also have built-in methods to detect illicit behavior, monitor document alterations, and verify that every record is legit. Because of this, SIGNiX is an ideal choice for domains that place great importance on security and compliance with regulations, like healthcare, banking, and legal services.

Comparing Their Features

Notarization Process


Alright, so we’ve established that BlueNotary is your go-to for getting documents notarized online (they call it RON). It’s a secure and legal way to get things stamped without needing an in-person meeting. Here’s how the process works on BlueNotary’s user-friendly platform: (steps and features will go here). Since it’s designed to handle a wide range of notarization needs, it’s a breeze to use, no matter what document you need taken care of.

  • Identity Verification: The first step involves a secure video chat, where a notary public verifies your ID. This confirms you are who you say you are, which is a key part of getting documents legally notarized. The video chat is encrypted to keep everything confidential and secure.


  • Document Upload: After the ID check, you can easily upload the documents you need notarized. BlueNotary works with various file formats, so you don’t need to worry about converting anything beforehand. This makes the process super convenient.


  • Digital Certificate: The notary will then watch you sign the document through the video chat. After that is over, they will send out a digital certificate that validates the notarization took place ethically, analogous to a tamper-proof receipt. You could take the notarized document anywhere you go because this certificate is valid in each of the fifty states.


  • 24/7 Availability: BlueNotary’s all the time service is a further plus. Notarization sessions can be organized at any time that’s best for you, which is quite helpful to individuals with busy lives or last-minute expectations.


  • Wide Range of Uses: BlueNotary is an outstanding choice for both private as well as company needs since it can handle an extensive selection of documents, from property closures to legal disputes and financial transactions. Therefore, BlueNotary can securely and simply notarize documents for you whether you’re looking for a property, handling legal questions, or ending financial contracts.


That being said, let us now analyze SIGNiX. They provide “eNotary,” a remote internet notarization service. It takes the typical in-person notarization routine and makes it private and digital, just like BlueNotary. This is how the SIGNiX platform handles things.

  • Secure Electronic Process: SIGNiX’s eNotary service eliminates the difficulties of in-person meetings, just like BlueNotary offers. This lowers all the costs, hold-ups, and back-and-forth involved in conventional notarization.


  • Identity Authentication: Like BlueNotary, SIGNiX adopts a meticulous verification technique that verifies that you’re indeed who you claim to be. Determining the legal soundness of the notarized documentation is necessary.


  • Document Handling: You could send the documents to SIGNiX’s platform for secure processing and storage, just like you can with BlueNotary. It shouldn’t turn out tricky for you to upload the files you want due to their support of a wide range of file formats. Due to its versatility, SIGNiX could be used for any kind of notarization demands.


  • CostEffective: With SIGNiX, you could prevent personal conferences and save time and money on travel. Because of this, it’s an affordable option for individuals as well as firms.


  • Industry Focus: This remote notarization service from SIGNiX (they call it eNotary) is an excellent fit for industries that need a lot of documents notarized, like real estate, legal, and finance. Since their platform can handle big workloads efficiently, you won’t have to worry about delays even if you have a high volume of documents.

Security Measures


Security is a top priority for BlueNotary, given the sensitive nature of notarized documents. The platform employs multiple layers of security to protect user data and ensure the integrity of the notarization process. Here are the key security measures:

  • Bank-level encryption: BlueNotary uses the same high-grade encryption that banks do to protect your information, both while it’s being sent and stored on their platform. This means your data is guarded by the same strong encryption used by financial institutions.


  • Secure Video Chat: The video chat they use to verify your ID is encrypted, too. This keeps everything confidential and secure during your interaction with the Online Notary.


  • Detailed Audit Trail: BlueNotary keeps a detailed record of everything that happens during the notarization process, like a digital paper trail. This is important for legal reasons and security, allowing you to track and verify any notarization you get done through them.


  • Complies with legal regulations: On top of all that, BlueNotary follows all the legal guidelines for remote notarizations. This means the notarizations you get through them are legally binding and recognized in all 50 states.


Just like BlueNotary, security is a top priority for SIGNiX. They use some high-tech tools to keep your digital signatures and documents safe. Here’s what they do: (List will go here). These features make SIGNiX a secure choice for businesses that handle sensitive information.

  • Blockchain Technology: This is where SIGNiX gets really impressive. They generate irrevocable digital signatures through blockchain technology, which function identically to an extraordinarily safe public record. A document acts as unchangeable once it is signed; tampering with it will end up in ramifications. Your essential paperwork will have unparalleled protection because of this.


  • Fraud detection: Together with blockchain technology, SIGNiX consists of advanced capabilities for detecting and preventing fraud. This is essential for sectors that handle sensitive data and require the pinnacle of security.


  • Immutable Audit Trails: Similar to BlueNotary, SIGNiX systematically logs each move taken in relation to an order throughout the signing process. Every document you sign together with them may be easily tracked and its history verified thanks to this explicit paper trail.


  • Strong Authentication: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is yet another instrument used by SIGNiX to make sure that only those who are authorized can look at and sign documents. Regard MFA as an extra layer of protection implemented to the login stage that blocks unauthorized use.

User Interface and Accessibility


Now, let’s talk about ease of use. BlueNotary’s platform is designed to be super user-friendly, so anyone can figure it out no matter how tech-savvy you are. Here’s what makes it so convenient:

  • BuiltIn Video Chat: The identity verification process happens through a secure video chat that’s already built into the platform. This makes things smooth and easy – no need to download extra software or jump through hoops.


  • Digital Stamping Tools: Once everything is verified and signed, BlueNotary lets the notary apply their official electronic seal to the document. This seal is like a digital stamp that proves the notarization happened legally, making the document recognizable and valid.
  • Clear Guidance and Support: BlueNotary brings you step-by-step during the whole notarization practice. They provide you with accurate instructions so you understand exactly what to do at each turning point. Despite the fact that this is your very first time receiving something notarized online, it makes the whole thing quick and flawless. 
  • Accessibility: The BlueNotary platform is easily accessed from every device, including your phone, tablet, and PC. Because of this portability, you can notarize paperwork whenever you have spare time and from any place you want.


SIGNiX is also user-friendly and designed to work smoothly with the software you already use for business. Here’s what makes it convenient:

  • Integration with Existing Processes: One of SIGNiX’s big strengths is its Flex API. This lets you easily connect their platform with the software you already use for business. This means you can add digital signatures to your existing workflows without a hitch, which saves time and keeps things organized.
  • AIPowered FormFill: SIGNiX uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you automatically fill out forms. This cuts down on typos and manual data entry mistakes, which can slow things down. With AI speeding things up, the signing process is much faster.
  • Automated Compliance Workflows: For businesses with complicated approval chains, SIGNiX can be a lifesaver. Their platform lets you set up automated workflows to route and approve documents according to predefined rules. This saves a ton of time and ensures everything gets to the right people for sign-off.
  • Mobile Access: Just like BlueNotary, SIGNiX lets you access their platform and sign documents from any device, your computer, tablet, or even your phone. This flexibility is great for busy professionals who are always on the go.

Pricing Plans

Understanding the pricing structure of BlueNotary and SIGNiX can help you determine which platform offers the best value for your specific needs. Below are the detailed pricing plans for both platforms.

BlueNotary Pricing

Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for notaries handling occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year For notaries to manage business & get clients, includes more features.
Business $43/user/month For companies needing frequent notarizations, it includes two free RONs monthly, an additional cost of $10.
eSign Only Basic Free Up to 5 eSigns per month; no notarization features.

SIGNiX Pricing

Plan Type Cost Features
Individual $120/year PKI digital signatures, MassMailer™, TotalAudit™ audit trail, unlimited templates, multiple authentication methods, web support, and webinar training.
Team $300/year + $120 or $180/user/year All Individual features plus team admins, transfer user licenses, shared templates, custom branding, API integration, custom features, and white labeling.
Enterprise Custom Pricing All Team features plus advanced integrations, bulk signing capabilities, priority support, and additional enterprise-level customizations.


Alright, so the final decision depends on what you actually need. If top-notch security, tight compliance, and cutting-edge features are your priority, then SIGNiX might be the better fit. They use blockchain technology to create super secure digital signatures and have a bunch of other tools built-in, like automated workflows and fraud detection. This makes them ideal for industries like finance, healthcare, and legal services, where security and following the rules (compliance) are super important.

However, if getting documents notarized online is what you need most, then BlueNotary is your go-to. Their remote online notarization (RON) services are their specialty and are available 24/7, making the process quick and convenient. They also excel in user-friendliness so that anyone can figure out their platform, regardless of tech skills.

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