10 Tips for Chicago Notaries 10 Tips for Chicago Notaries

10 Tips for Notary Chicago Professionals

A notary is a place where you can go to get your documents signed and sealed.

Notary has always been a major part of the legal system.

A notary is a public official who serves as an impartial witness when signing a legal document.

Notary services are likely to include real estate contracts, affidavits, wills, trusts, proxies, and online signatures.

The main motive behind structuring a notary is to discourage fraud.

When you start a notary in Chicago, there are several things that you must know before going into this business.

These points will be handy for you, whether you are providing notary services online or offline.

If you don’t know much about all these points and facts, then with a vision to clear all the doubts regarding notary Chicago, we will enlist ten points in this blog to help you step in and successfully run a notary in Chicago.   

How Much to Charge?   

A remote and online notary is supposed to charge a minimum price. The notary in Chicago charged $1 till the last year, but the notary price has risen this year in Chicago to $5. This is the standard price for a public notary.  

Where Can You Notarize in Chicago?   

The absolute answer to this question is, ‘ANYWHERE.’ There is no particular place for notaries.

You can set up your office, and get a notary desk in banks, libraries, etc. You can also provide remote and online notary services.   

You will visit a person’s place who needs your notary services in a remote notary.

You can charge more than the standard price in a remote notary because it is more of a home delivery thing.

The other option is to provide online notary services in which you will need nothing but a laptop and a good internet connection.

Via an online notary, you can notarize documents from any part of the world.   

Services Can be Provided to?   

That’s an important question that only a few people ask.

A notary is all about getting confirmation from people who know what they are stating in a document and have a complete idea of the consequences if the paper says something against them.

Therefore, you can only provide your services to people with acceptable identification.   

Coming on to people whom you cannot provide your services to; You cannot notarize a document for a blind person till you read the paper to them and get their agreement to what is written in it. You cannot notarize a document for people who do not understand English unless you manage to translate it for them. You cannot notarize a document for people you know and a mentally ill person.   

What if I Relocate?   

If you relocate to a different county, you will have to begin the process of becoming a notary according to that county’s guidelines.   

If you relocate somewhere within the county, you will have to submit a ‘location change’ form mentioning your new address so that it can be updated in the database. However, according to the latest changes in rules, you will also have to inform the secretary of your area 30 days prior to shifting.   

What is the risk factor involved?   

We will not say that you will not face any problems if you do your work right because you can face many problems even if you are cautious and do everything right. If you notarized a paper that looked fine and fulfilled all the aspects to get notarized, but later the client turns out to be someone else, or if something or anything comes up during the proceedings, you can be charged even when you just did your job. Sometimes notaries get sued by opponents, and they even know their fault. So, if you are planning to become a notary in Chicago, get a good hold on law and a good lawyer.   

What is the process to become an eNotary?   

An online notary is not yet acceptable in every state, but a Chicago-approved online notary this year. To become one, you will have to fill out an application form, take a mandatory course, pass an exam, plus you will have to buy a $25000 surety bond, and you will have to buy the required digital notary supplies.   

Do I need to take training before starting Notary Chicago?   

You do not need any training to become a notary in Chicago. Still, if you prefer to take training for a better understanding of the business, then you should go for online notary training platforms. You will find many such platforms on the internet, and the Blue notary is one of them. You can learn from the experts on this platform. However, if you are still searching for the right platform, make sure to have a look at the topics that those platforms are covering in the course and who the teachers are.   

What are common errors made by Notaries?   

Sometimes notaries fail to identify the right person; they do not affix the seal properly or fail to administer the oath or affirmation. These are some common errors that any new or experienced notary can make. However, sometimes small errors can have big consequences.  

Is there a different process to become a remote online notary in Chicago?  

No, if you have an active commission, you can start working as a remote online notary in Chicago this year. You do not have to fill out the form or go through a process to become RON in Chicago.  

Where are notary issues handled?  

The Illinois Secretary of State is located in Springfield, IL, in the State Government Office.  


Hence, these are some essential points to know before filling up the form to become a notary in Chicago. Notarize your documents in less than 10 minutes online with Blue Notary now.   

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