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BlueNotary vs. DocVerify RON Platform Analysis

Waning are the days of googling “Notary Near Me” and waxing are the days of googling Notarize my documents online NOW! So how can you move with the tide and keep your business afloat? 🤔 In this article, we will be breaking down the differences between the BlueNotary RON platform and the RON platform offered […]

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BlueNotary vs. OneNotary RON Comparison

One ring to sign them, one ring to bind them. Well that’s not really the saying, but fortunately for you, you don’t need to choose just 1 platform to settle down with. Still, if you are a new notary and just starting out (or even a veteran notary) you may not want to be signed […]

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How to Complete an I-9 Form in 2022

Has your new employer asked y0u to get your I-9 form notarized? Or are you a manager looking to onboard 20 new employees and aren’t sure how to guarantee their ID’s are verified? There’s a couple things you need to know about this process and how you can get it done ASAP, because after all, […]

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Save Your Law Firm Cash Using Online Notary

One thing we can all agree on is the tediousness of paperwork. That is never more true than in a law office, it’s literally why they pay you the big bucks! You help us get through what may be some of the most difficult times in our lives by completing forms and ensuring these documents […]

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Remote Online Notarization Platforms RANKED

We’re breaking down the top Notarization Platforms available in 2022.  We’ve come a long way from Remote Online Notarization being legalized in Virginia in 2013 and even farther from when Notaries Public first came to be in the Roman Republic (the first society that used Notaries Public legally).  Gone are the days of the roman […]

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How Can a Credit Union Compete?

It wasn’t always that the big banks of the world had so much power. But these days, for every $1 invested in local credit unions, there is $14 dollars invested in the big broad institutional banks.  The total market share for credit unions is just over 1 trillion USD while big banks these days account […]