Notary Seal Requirements by State

State References for Notary Seal Requirements BlueNotary has compiled the below list of U.S. states and territories indicates notary seal requirements for specific states. These Statutory References for Notary Seal Requirements vary from state to state. Please note, some states have different requirements for electronic seals than for their traditional seals. This list also includes the […]

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When Can Lenders Expect to Receive their Funds?

At BlueNotary we know officially closing your loan and going through the loan signing process is a big moment in the home or asset buying process.  One of the most commonly asked questions from Sellers is “When can they expect to receive their funds?”  On the other side of the equation, buyers are typically anxious […]

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Is MISMO Required for Online Title Closings?

Short Answer: Usually Medium Answer: Although not required, many Title Houses and Lenders prefer or require Online Notarization platforms to have gone through their approval process.  This can be seen here in an interview with EmClosings founder Emily Garcia (EmClosings is a Nationwide Closing Service). (Here you can view the full EmClosings interview) Long Answer: […]

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Why Customers Are Frustrated with DocVerify’s Service As the digital transformation wave sweeps across various sectors, online notarization platforms have come into prominence. DocVerify is one of the leaders in this domain, offering a range of electronic and remote notarization services. However, a growing segment of its customer base has been expressing dissatisfaction with various […]

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Transforming eNotes with BlueNotary: Your Complete Guide to Streamlined Digital Lending

As the lending industry increasingly transitions from traditional paper-based operations to digital solutions, eNotes are gaining widespread attention. These electronic promissory notes offer a faster, more efficient, and secure alternative to their paper counterparts. BlueNotary, a leader in providing specialized services for digital notarization, is uniquely positioned to facilitate the deployment and management of eNotes. […]

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BlueNotary vs OneNotary

The digital age has brought about significant transformations across industries, one of which is the notarization sector. Two major players in this space are BlueNotary and OneNotary. Both platforms offer remote online notarization (RON) and other digital notary services. However, when it comes to catering to the specialized needs of large enterprises, BlueNotary has several […]

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enotarylog vs. BlueNotary

The shift toward digital notarization has been both necessary and revolutionary. As industries continue to evolve in the digital age, the need for a secure, efficient, and modern approach to notarial services has become evident. While there are several platforms offering remote online notarization (RON) services, BlueNotary and eNotaryLog are among the frontrunners in this […]

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Digital Mortgage Conference 2023: What to Expect and Why We’re Excited!

The Digital Mortgage Conference 2023 is almost here, and we can feel the electricity in the air. This gathering promises a deep dive into the latest trends, innovations, and predictions for the future of the mortgage industry. BlueNotary’s Participation and Anticipation We’re keen on absorbing, understanding, and reflecting on all that’s reshaping the digital mortgage […]

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The Role of Online Notary Services in the Future of Digital Mortgages Introduction

The Evolving Digital Mortgage Landscape The mortgage industry has been witnessing dramatic shifts, with technology reshaping every corner of the process. From online applications to virtual home tours, we are moving towards a world where buying a home is as straightforward as making any other online purchase. The Importance of Trust and Validation in Mortgage […]

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The Best Software for Notary Taxes?

At BlueNotary, we believe one of the best ways to hack your learning is to read and listen at the same time.  For this reason, we have begun transcribing select videos that we think will be beneficial to your growth as a notary. If you listen while you read the text, you can increase your […]