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eNotaryLog vs BlueNotary: RON Platform Comparison 2024

The shift toward digital notarization has been both necessary and revolutionary.

As industries continue to evolve in the digital age, the need for a secure, efficient, and modern approach to notarial services has become evident.

While there are several platforms offering remote online notarization (RON) services, BlueNotary and eNotaryLog notary signup are among the frontrunners in this space.

While both provide excellent services, there are several reasons why BlueNotary stands out. Here’s a comparative look at the two platforms with a focus on the advantages of BlueNotary.

Target Audience


This platform aims to provide services that are generally accessible to a broad range of clients, including individual notaries, small businesses, and some enterprises.

It is a good option for those just entering the realm of digital notarization.


BlueNotary specializes in serving the corporate sector as well as individual notaries.

The platform is engineered to seamlessly integrate into existing corporate workflows and processes, including providing an online signature generator for efficiency.

If your organization requires frequent and streamlined notarization services, BlueNotary offers an unparalleled experience.

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Customization and Scalability


eNotaryLog offers a platform with several features, but customization is limited, especially when catering to unique corporate policies or procedures.


One of the standout features of BlueNotary is its ability to offer highly customizable services.

The platform can easily scale with your business and can be modified to suit specific corporate requirements, offering a truly tailored experience.

Compliance and Security


While eNotaryLog offers a standard level of compliance with notarization laws across various jurisdictions, it doesn’t go much beyond that.


BlueNotary shines in this area with enhanced compliance features that can adapt to the regulatory landscape and specific corporate policies.

Its emphasis on security protocols also exceeds industry standards, making it a top choice for corporations concerned about data integrity and legal compliance.

Pricing Structure


The pricing options for eNotaryLog are suitable for individual notaries and small to medium businesses, but may not offer a cost-effective solution for larger enterprises.


With its enterprise-level pricing model, BlueNotary provides customized packages that are highly cost-effective for large corporations with bulk notarization needs.

Customer Support


eNotaryLog offers decent customer support that is responsive but geared toward a general audience.


BlueNotary takes customer support to another level with dedicated account managers for corporate clients, ensuring personalized, immediate, and highly specialized support.


While eNotaryLog serves its purpose for a general audience, BlueNotary offers an unparalleled experience for the corporate sector.

Its focus on customization, scalability, and exceptional customer service makes it the go-to choice for enterprises. Further, its attention to compliance and security protocols makes it a highly reliable option.

In a world where businesses are in constant need of streamlined, secure, and efficient solutions, BlueNotary clearly stands out as the leader in digital notarization services.


Q1. How does BlueNotary’s target audience differ from eNotaryLog’s?
BlueNotary targets both the corporate sector and individual notaries, integrating seamlessly into existing corporate workflows. Meanwhile, eNotaryLog primarily serves a broad range of clients, like small businesses, individual notaries, and those new to digital notarization.

Q2. What customization and scalability advantages does BlueNotary provide?
BlueNotary offers highly customizable, scalable services tailored to corporate requirements, modifying workflows to suit unique policies. eNotaryLog has useful features but lacks BlueNotary’s extensive customization, making it less suitable for companies seeking a seamless, corporate-specific solution.

Q3. How does BlueNotary ensure compliance and security?
BlueNotary exceeds industry standards by implementing adaptive compliance measures and advanced security protocols, meeting regulatory requirements while protecting data integrity. This makes BlueNotary ideal for corporations prioritizing legal compliance, unlike eNotaryLog, which focuses on standard compliance.

Q4. Why is BlueNotary’s pricing structure advantageous for corporations?
BlueNotary’s enterprise pricing model offers customized packages tailored for large corporations needing bulk notarizations. This ensures a cost-effective solution compared to eNotaryLog, whose pricing is best suited for small-to-medium businesses and individual notaries.

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