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How to get a Title Notarized Without the Seller

Getting a Title Notarized When the Seller Is Unavailable To obtain a title notarized when the seller is unavailable, you will need to follow a specific process. First, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to determine the required documentation needed for a title transfer in your state. Typically, you will need the original […]

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Towed Car! Do you Need A Vehicle Release Form?

If your car has been towed, you may be required to fill out a Vehicle Release Form in order to have the vehicle released from the tow lot. A Vehicle Release Form is a legal document that contains important information pertaining to the vehicle, including its license plate number and a description of the make, […]

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Car Title Notary

Car Title Notary Bet you didn’t realize that you would need to purchase one of these when you were buying a new car? You’re not really buying a notary, you’re jut buying their services for a short time to notarize your car title. This is a service provided by licensed notaries that specializes in vehicle […]

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Does an Auto Bill of Sale Need Notarization?

The quick answer is, usually, no. Generally when you sell your car, you won’t need to worry about notarization. Not technically, anyway. However, getting something notarized provides extra legal protection. Especially in the event of future issues. Depending where you live, it may be required notarization for transactions. Usually those involving vehicles or other large […]

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Automated Vehicles and Auto Insurance

What are “Levels” of automation? Levels of automation in self driving vehicles are used to describe the various degrees of driver assistance that a car can provide. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has identified six levels ranging from no automation at all, up to fully autonomous driving. Level 0: No Automation Also referred to […]

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7 Tips for Selling your Car

1. Research the Market: Researching the market before you list your car is essential, and yes it is probably a good idea to look at CarFax. Find out what similar cars like yours are going for and set a competitive price that will attract buyers. 2. Show Your Car’s Best Side: Make sure your car […]