How to Sign Documents on iPhone or iPad How to Sign Documents on iPhone or iPad

How to Sign a Document on iPhone and iPad Free


Why Sign Documents Electronically on iPhone?

To not waste any of your time, you can sign your document online free here.  There are several benefits to signing documents electronically on your iPhone.

  • First, it’s convenient. You can sign anytime, anywhere right from your mobile device. No more printing, signing, scanning and emailing documents. This streamlines the signing process and saves you time.
  • Second, it’s secure. Electronic signatures on iPhone use industry-standard encryption to ensure your documents and signatures remain private and secure. Your sensitive data is protected.
  • Third, it’s legally valid. Electronic signatures carry the same legal weight as physical signatures. Legislation like ESIGN and UETA have made e-signatures legally binding. As long as you follow proper e-signature procedures, the signed documents will hold up in court.
  • Fourth, it’s environmentally friendly. By signing electronically, you eliminate the need for paper and help reduce waste. This sustainable solution saves the trees! 🌳🌳🌳
  • Fifth, you have a record of proof. The e-signature software automatically stores a digital copy of your signed document which serves as proof that you signed. This audit trail can be accessed anytime if questions arise.

Whether for business or personal use, electronic signing on iPhone offers many benefits over traditional handwritten signatures on paper. Go paperless and sign on the go with just a few taps on your mobile screen. Join the digital transformation – your iPhone makes it simple to sign electronically in a secure, legally valid and environmentally responsible way.

Top 2 Free Apps for Signing on iPhone – OkScribble and BlueNotary

To digitally sign a document on your iPhone or iPad, two of the best free options are OkScribble and BlueNotary.


OkScribble is a popular e-signature website that lets you sign documents for free. To get started, simply create your signature, then enter your email and upload the document you want to sign,  OkScribble will automatically convert your created signature into a digital signature that you can place on the document.

You can also add custom signatures by uploading an image of your actual signature. OkScribble allows you to sign multiple documents at once and save your signatures for reuse. It works with ALL common document formats like PDF, Word, and Image files.


Another good option is BlueNotary. Like OkScribble, BlueNotary lets you sign documents for free using your finger or a stylus to draw an electronic signature on the touchscreen. It can also import signatures from photos. BlueNotary supports all the most popular document formats and allows you to sign multiple documents at the same time.

A unique feature of BlueNotary is that it provides a legally binding e-signature Notarization for cases that need it. When you sign a document, BlueNotary verifies your identity and attaches a digital certificate of completion to provide an extra layer of security and validity. BlueNotary is a good choice if you need to sign and share important legal or financial documents.

BlueNotary Free eSigning Online
BlueNotary Free eSigning Online

Both OkScribble and BlueNotary offer free, easy to use e-signature solutions for your iPhone and iPad. It depends on your specific needs and how official you need the digital signatures to be (aka if you need Notarization). Either way, you can’t go wrong with these two top-rated webapps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing a PDF on iPhone

Using OkScribble
To sign a PDF document on your iPhone or iPad for free, follow these simple steps:

Go the

First, you’ll need to go to from your browser. This free app allows you to legally sign PDF documents on iOS devices.

Open the PDF in OkScribble

Open the OkScribble site and create your signature and enter your email. This will allow you to choose a PDF from your iPhone or iPad to open in the OkScribble webapp. You will soon be able to open from Google Drive or Dropbox as well.

Add your signature

Signature icon to tap and drop your new signature. You have the option to type, draw, or upload an image of your signature, if you don’t like the one you have already created.

Insert your signature on the document

With the PDF open, tap the signature icon to insert your signature. Move and resize the signature with your fingers and place it over the signature line on the page. You can also change the color of your signature if needed.

Save and send the signed PDF

Once you’ve inserted your signature on all necessary pages, tap ‘Complete Session’ to save the changes. The signed PDF will automatically save to the downloads folder on your device. You now have the option to send the signed PDF via Mail, Messages or other sharing options. You can also open the file in another app like Google Drive or Dropbox to upload and share.

Following these simple steps will allow you to quickly and legally sign PDF documents on your iPhone or iPad at no cost using the OkScribble app. This convenient process permits you to sign essential paperwork on the go from your mobile device. Comment below if have any other questions!

How to eSign on iPhone or iPad
How to eSign on iPhone or iPad

Tips for Signing Sensitive Documents on Your iPhone

Signing sensitive documents on your iPhone requires extra precautions to ensure security and validity. Follow these tips for signing confidential papers on your mobile device:

Use a Stylus

For higher precision, use an iPad stylus or Apple Pencil instead of your finger. A stylus allows you to sign your full legal name clearly and legibly, just like you would with a real pen, which could be important for official records or at least your receiving party. Make sure to practice your signature a few times to get the best looking one before signing the actual document.

Enable Guided Access

Guided Access locks your device into a single app so you can focus without distractions. It’s ideal when signing sensitive information. To enable Guided Access, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Turn it on, set a passcode, and select the app you want to lock. Once in the app, triple-click the side or home button to lock the iPhone to that app.

Review Carefully

Double check that all the information in the document is correct before applying your signature. Carefully review any terms and conditions to ensure you fully understand what you’re signing. If anything looks amiss or you have questions about the content, do not sign the document until you have clarifications from the appropriate parties. It’s much easier to clarify concerns beforehand rather than dispute an issue after the fact.

Consider eSignature Security

For highly sensitive documents containing financial, healthcare or other confidential dat you may feel more comfortable using an electronic signature service rather than signing directly on your iPhone. Services like BlueNotary provide the highest level of enhanced security features like multifactor authentication, encryption, and timestamping to help prevent fraud. It allows you to sign legally-binding documents from anywhere on any device.

If getting a Notarization, it also records your session on video as well as authenticates your ID for bank grade security.

By following these tips for safely and securely signing sensitive documents on your iPhone or iPad, you can have peace of mind that your digital signature will be valid and legally-binding. Take your time to review and understand fully before signing to avoid complications from improperly executed electronic signatures. With some additional safeguards and the right tools, you can sign with confidence using your mobile device.

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