What is Notarization like in Canada? What is Notarization like in Canada?

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Online notarization in Canada is an emerging area of law that provides more convenience to legal and business professionals who need a verified signature on documents. It has been adopted by most provinces and territories in Canada, allowing for the secure online exchange of documents and remote validation of identities. Online notarization offers significant advantages over traditional methods, such as increased security, improved efficiency, cost savings, and easier access to justice.

Online notarization uses digital technology to authenticate documents, verify signatures, and ensure compliance with laws or regulations. This process can be done remotely via video conferencing or phone calls, eliminating the need for physical meetings or visits to a lawyer’s office. The technology also ensures that all parties involved

In the evolving landscape of online notarization, it’s worth noting that traditional banking institutions like Chase Bank are also adapting. Chase Bank notary services provide an alternative for those needing in-person notarization, especially relevant for documents not yet eligible for online processing. This is particularly useful for Canadian citizens with business or legal ties in the U.S., as Chase branches across North America offer notary services that comply with both U.S. and international standards. So, while embracing the convenience of online platforms like BlueNotary, don’t forget the reliable option of Chase’s notary services for your cross-border documentation needs.

Online Notarization Laws in Canada

Online notarization is governed by provincial and territorial legislation in Canada. All provinces and territories have adopted the Uniform Law Conference of Canada’s Online Notarization Model Act, which sets out the procedures for remote electronic signature authentication and document certification. Generally speaking, the law requires that documents be signed electronically in front of a commissioner or other authorized individual, who must verify the identity of all parties to the transaction. The laws also require that signatures be witnessed remotely via audio-visual technology such as video conferencing.

The exact rules governing Canadian notaries differ slightly between provinces and territories. So be sure to check with your local province or territory in regards to whatever document you are trying to get notarized. The use of online notary services is becoming increasingly popular in Canada due to its convenience and cost savings. As more businesses realize the benefits offered by this technology, it is expected that online notarization will continue to grow.

Canadians can get their documents notarized overseas with BlueNotary

How Canadian Citizens can Notarize US Documents

BlueNotary is a Remote Online Notarization Platform that offers biometric ID Proofing for foreign nationals in order to get their documents notarized by an American Notary. BlueNotary’s service is available to Canadian citizens who need to have their documents notarized for use in the United States.

It’s is a simple three step process.

  1. Enter your Email
  2. Enter your info + ID
  3. Meet with a Notary!

The platform then uses biometric technology to compare the user’s identity against government records, ensuring that they are a citizen of Canada. Canadians even have the option of selecting a state specific notary. After the document has been signed and notarized remotely, it will be sent back to the customer immediately.

In conclusion, online notarization offers Canadians more convenience when it comes to having documents notarized. With services such as BlueNotary, Canadians can now have their documents notarized for US use without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. There’s also no exorbitant service fees like some notary services that charge $75 for a simple out country notarization charge. BlueNotary offers this service for a flat rate of $25 for a simple notarization.

This is a great way to save time and money while ensuring that all technical requirements have been met. To learn more about online notarization services in Canada, check out BlueNotary today!