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R.O.N. Software, My Chevy, Whiskey & Rye

Do you like the way your API software purs when you peak under the hood? Do you sometimes take your favorite “RON software” out for a spin even though the signers are sight unseen.

If you’re not an “E-closing gear head” you can stop reading right now. We might not be a perfect match if you don’t like seamless integration.

Me? Im something of a “E-closing Gear head” myself.

A scene from Spiderman (2002) starring William Dafoe.

You see, end-to-end PKI encryption really revs my engine. Give mere a good piece of Remote Online Notary software, a full tank of gas, the open highway and let me roam. Tom Cochrane sang it true when he wrote:

🎵”R-O-N is a Highway🎵
🎵 And Im going to write them all night long”🎵
or were the lyrics….
🎵”And e closings REQUIRE them, From-Now-On”🎵

Mad Mad World -1992

America’s favorite highway song has never rang more true since the SECURE Notarization Act got passed.   

If RON platforms were muscle cars…..

The Blue Notary White Label build  is bit like the “82 Delorean “to me. A lot of brick and mortar title companies arent ready for that yet, but their kids are gonna love it. 

Yes…. indeed…….. proprietary RON API software is like some Kind of futuristic skateboard hover board tech. Its smoother than you’d expect, and out of this world.  Soon it will be everywhere.

By the time I’m thru cruising my RON software around town and reminiscing about “the good ol’ days, the tank, my eyes and the Marlboros are low. I turn the steering wheel on my integrated dashboard and twist the radio did to my favorite song by John Denver.

🎵”Notary Roads…..take me home”🎵

Poems, Prayers & Promises -1971

Set up a BlueNotary demo now if you want to keep living this “longing for the summer of 69 ‘ muscle car futuristic E-closing technology vibe”!!!

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