Top 10 Loan Signing Notary Public Youtube Channels Top 10 Loan Signing Notary Public Youtube Channels

Top 10 Notary Signing Agent YouTube Channels

Everybody knows that Video Killed the Radio Star.  These days, if you ask anybody under 30, they’ll say YouTube killed television.  Around the world, 694k videos are streamed on YouTube every single minute. YouTube is actually the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the world now, so it is good for people looking to learn how to grow their business, but also good for people looking to grow their business.

YouTube is an excellent resource if looking to expand your notary network

Today we’re highlighting 10 of the best Youtube Channels to subscribe to for up and coming Loan Signing Agents.  These aren’t ranked in any particular order, or maybe they are. You’ll have to watch them to judge and find out 😉. One thing is for sure, they all bring something unique and valuable to the table to help you build your own Loan Signing or Notary Public Business.

*all subscriber numbers are only accurate as of time of publication. 8/21/2022

10.) Notary Socials – 1.72K subscribers

Notary Socials brings plenty of southern charm. Out of Texas, you can expect no nonsense from this hard worker as she navigates the wild wild west that is Remote Online Notarizations. Not every RON company or platform is built upon solid core principles. Notary Socials is well reasoned and does a thorough sift through the sand and get to some of the gold truths. We appreciate her perspective as a small business maing it in a big business tech world.

A Remote Online Notarization Platform Review

9.) Jeron Akeem – 7.33K subscribers

Jeron Akeem is one of only 2 male influencers on this list. As 70% of Notaries Public are females, this actually isn’t too far off statistically. Jeron brings a mans perspective to the industry so some of his experiences are a bit unique but good business is good business and good content is good content so you can be sure that there is plenty that can be learned from Jeron and his channel. I’m also a big personal fan of his monitor fireplace in this video. He also emphasizes the need for Signing Agents to go the extra mile and not expect business to just fall in your lap. Watch for some of his creative ways on how to generate more leads out of signings.

Notaries who build multiple streams of income create more flexibility

8.) Nikia Alexander – 8.28K subscribers

Nikia is the owner of NA Signings LLC. She is a relatively new Loan Signing agent as she just started in November of 2021. She’s a fun channel to watch and grow with. Nikia is very imformative and has tight “classical” youTube editing skills. She puts off a very relatable vibe and helps you identify different notary tools you might not have been aware of. She’s a great resource if you’re looking for a bit of upbeat positivity with your notary training. In fact, she takes pride in it.

What’s your monthly LSA earnings goal?

7) The Notary Institution – 15.4K subscribers

Lashawn Jenkins and the Notary Institution have put together a number of resources together to benefit the Notary Public Community. In this particular video she goes over how to become a Notary Field Inspector and she does it with a couple of exports in the field (skip to 8 minutes for the Field Inspector Expert’s microphone to get fixed). The Notary Institution offers nationwide online notary training classes but that doesn’t mean their YouTube doesn’t give away plenty of informational gems for free. Their stated goal is to “help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to increase your client base.”

The Notary Institution has tips on how to diversify your Notary Services

6.) Amanda Pluma – 20K subscribers

Amanda makes ~$8,000 per month on months she doesn’t “hustle that hard” and this is after just a year of building up her Loan Signing Business. The Los Angeles Vlogger is full of tips on persistence and where to find clients. It’s important to remember being your own business means finding your own clients and Amanda allows you to gain valuable insight as she shows you how she generates her own leads. Amanda puts out an honest perspective and keeps things professionally business casual. This video has a good reminder that Notaries Public are not allowed to advise or counsel their clients. She also has lifestyle content she features as well.

$1000 in 24hrs as a Notary Signing Agent

5.) National Notary Association (NNA) – 79.3K subscribers

The National Notary Association does a great job of uploading seminars packed with knowledge to give you tips on how to grow your notary business.  It is not the flashiest YouTube channel, but it is clean and professional and full of information. It also doesn’t follow a unique personality, so you get a lot of different perspectives on the state of Notary Public work in the US. This is a great channel, as it features many of the YouTubers already on this list as well as those less involved in the digital space (for the time being…). They’re a great resource to find professionals and mentors to follow as well as learn the basics.

Getting Notary Work in Unconventional Fields like Healthcare and Estate Services

4.) Safiya Martin – 26.4K subscribers

Another specialist in Southern Hospitality on our list. Safiya Martin does monologues, interviews with Mobile Notary veterans and pioneers, as well as dives into some of her other business ventures (like getting into real estate development and building a duplex) and general finance education. It’s great to see a community of people taking financial responsibility and learning together. Safiya provides plenty of tips, lists, and advice on marketing. She averages 5-6 closings/day with her Mobile Notary Business, and builds on the weekend! Very impressive and Philadelphia native. Go Sixers.

How much can you earn in your first month as a Loan Signing Agent?

3.) Side Hustle Seattle – 20.3K subscribers

Although she is recently taking a step back from RON, Side Hustle Seatle is still very much in the Notary space.  Her channel also has some of the best and most thorough Remote Online Notary Platform Reviews in the space. She’s got laid back energy and has done an admirable job of building up a community that trusts her reviews and opinions. She has really good product expertise. Yes, we are biased by posting this particular video. You would be too 😉. Her channel, like others, has little hints and tips on how to optimize your RON business and therefore your time.

Remote Online Platform Review Extraordinaire

2.) Mark Wills – 67.1K subscribers

Mark brings lots of enthusiasm and positivity to the table in addition to his depth of loan signing knowledge.  He also runs excellent conferences that get rave reviews.  These conferences are great opportunities to get tips and tricks from the best in the game.  He shoots quick videos on his phone that still provide impactful value as well as conducts more highly produced content that is fitting to Youtube’s typical format. The key is though, he always shoots to provide some form of value and he always provides some energy.

24 Year Old with No Degree Makes Six Figures as a Notary Signing Agent

1.) Notary2Notary – 51K subscribers

Founder Vanessa Terry has done a wonderful job launching her business both on the web as well as in person.  Notary2Notary recently had a grand opening for their new walk-in operation. This channel is a great resource for anybody looking for examples of Loan Closings. They are also well respected within the community. One of the other notaries in this list specifically mentions learning from her and then making $3000 in their first month as a LSA. Some people learn better from watching something be done than reading about something being done. If you’re one of these people we highly recommend watching this channel.

A Well Produced and Executed Loan Closing Demo

Are there any Loan Signing Youtubers or Notary Public Youtubers that we forgot? Let us know in the comments below! We want to know if you gleaned any useful info from this listicle.

Here’s some Honorable Mentions for the outro~!

Honorable Mention Loan Signing Youtubers

11.) SHAUNA SAGAJI – 22.1K subscribers
How to Pass Loan Signing Agent Exam | NNA
12.) Boss Up With Leah – 7.25K subscribers
Mock Signing Sellers Package Notary | How to Explain Closing Disclosure | Signing Agent Training
13.) LoveLee Notary – 15.2K subscribers
What They Won’t Tell You About The Mobile Notary/ Signing Agent Business!!!
14.) Notary Life With Kimmi – 9.31K subscribers
General Notary Work/ Proctor/ Watch-Observe Proctor Exams as a Notary
15.) Tiote Productions – 3.8K subscribers
Top 4 signing services that keeps me booked as a new notary signing agent| Nc signing agent

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