Some Bills of Sale can be sorted online Some Bills of Sale can be sorted online

What exactly is a Bill of Sale?

A Bill of Sale is a legal document used to record the sale and transfer of ownership of goods or services. Think of it as your “proof of purchase” and contract all in one. A Bill of Sale protects both parties in case of any ownership or payment disputes.

How do I create a Bill of Sale?

Before reading any further, ask yourself the purpose of drafting this document. Do you need it for business records? Is it legally required in your State?

A Bill of Sale must include the following:

  • date of the transaction
  • name and address of both parties
  • item(s) purchased
  • amount paid for the item(s)
  • any warranties or guarantees.
  • both parties’ notarized signatures
  • location of sale
  • description of the merchandise

Can you Process a Bill of Sale online?

Yes, a bill of sale can be done completely online! Many websites offer templates for Bills of Sale that you can customize to your State’s requirements. Once completed, you and the other party can book a session with an eNotary to finalize the transaction. With BlueNotary, the document will be electronically stored with both parties having access to it when needed. This is an efficient and secure way to complete transactions.

Before completing any legal document online, always research your jurisdiction’s laws! Otherwise, the agreement may not be legally binding. You may need to consult a lawyer, but it isn’t required. This protects both buyer and seller rights in case of future disputes.

Be sure to inspect your Bills of Sale!

What can invalidate a Bill of Sale?

Legal documents can be tricky and non-attorneys must be careful. Some potential issues are:

  • The document does not meet the legal requirements
  • It was signed by someone unable to legally sign it, such as a minor or someone with mental incapacity.
  • The document incorrectly reflects the transaction amount.
  • It contains false or misleading information.
  • The document was signed under duress (without consent)

If any of these issues arise, the document’s validity will be in question. Protect your rights and confirm all information is accurate and true. And get it signed in front of a notary!

Can you get a Bill of Sale Notarized Online?

Yes, you can get a Bill of Sale notarized online. eNotaries validate the signing of a Bill of Sale online! The standards are no different than an in person notarization, it’s just easier! If you’re booking an eNotary with us, you’ve made a smart choice. We have a secure application process for eNotaries and you’ll only see the approved ones!

It’s still best to consult with the jurisdiction of the particular location you are using your documents for.

How to get a Bill of Sale Notarized Online Fast

BlueNotary save you time and money! Forget the hassle of finding and scheduling an in person notary. eNotarization uses bank grade encryption and specialized eNotaries. Plus, the BlueNotary platform couldn’t be simpler!

Do it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up with BlueNotary!
  2. Upload your identification and document
  3. Meet the eNotary and complete your signing!

Ready to get that notary acknowledgement? Go to BlueNotary to get started.

A Vehicle Bill of Sale
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