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Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or DocVerify?

With the rate at which the digital world is continuing to evolve, it has become extremely crucial to choose the right platform for e-signature and online notary. As the number of workers is increasing every day, and the majority of them are working remotely, the need for the protection of such data becomes more crucial. Two strong possibilities for service are BlueNotary and DocVerify. Both of them have a number of features that can be helpful in everyday life and work. But if you have the time and the cash invested the different platform offers would help you decide which among them is best for you.

Through this guide, you will be able to learn even more about BlueNotary and DocVerify, especially about their features, their security, their ease of use, what they are suitable for, the amount of money required, and what would happen if you encountered a problem. By the end of this article, you will know which one of the two platforms suits your needs, whether for business purposes or for any other reason.


BlueNotary is a top pick for securely getting things notarized online. It is all about the convenience and flexibility to exercise one’s powers. It only takes a few minutes to get any document notarized through BlueNotary – this can be done over a video call at any time. Furthermore, it is also a big plus since you are no longer left searching for an Online Notary when they need one during business hours. Also, BlueNotary is accepted across the 50 states; hence, your notarization is official and can stand in court if necessary.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Getting started with BlueNotary is a breeze. Just schedule a video call with one of our certified online notaries. During the call, you’ll upload your documents and answer a few quick questions to verify your identity. It’s all secure and legal, of course. Plus, BlueNotary works for all sorts of things, from closing on a house to finalizing legal paperwork or signing financial agreements. We basically turn to get something notarized into a quick, easy process so you can get back to the important stuff.


Security is a big deal for BlueNotary, and rightfully so. We use the same kind of high-grade encryption that banks use to scramble your information. This makes it impossible for anyone to peek at your stuff who shouldn’t.

We also add extra layers of security to make sure everything is on the up and up. For instance, we use secure video chat to verify your ID before we notarize anything. Plus, we keep a detailed record of every notarization session, like a digital log, for added peace of mind. With all these robust security features, BlueNotary is a solid option for anyone who takes data protection seriously.


BlueNotary is super easy to use, even if you’re approaching this from a non-technical advertising background. It is how our platform provides an outline of how we will assist with something notarization ranging from appointment setting to document upload and lastly notary. You don’t overcomplicate things; it isn’t rocket science.

One of the other great benefits of BlueNotary is that we are always on, or at least always on call. This means that you can get your documents notarized at any time of your convenience; there are no limitations to business hours. Need to get something notarized late at night or super early in the morning? No problem!

And to top it all off, BlueNotary doesn’t leave you hanging after you sign up. We have a bunch of resources to help you get the most out of the platform, like live webinars, training videos, and detailed guides. This way, you can be sure you’re using all the features and making the notarization process as smooth as possible.

Specific Use Cases

BlueNotary excels in a variety of professional and personal scenarios, offering unparalleled convenience and security for numerous notarization needs. Here are some specific use cases where BlueNotary proves to be exceptionally beneficial:

Real Estate Transactions

Buying a house? Selling one? BlueNotary can help make closing a breeze. No more scrambling to get everyone together at the same time. With BlueNotary, buyers, sellers, and agents can all get the closing documents notarized remotely from anywhere. This saves tons of time and keeps things moving smoothly.

Legal Documents

Do you have important legal stuff like wills, contracts, or sworn statements?  BlueNotary’s secure platform follows all the state rules, so you can rest assured your documents are notarized properly and will hold up if needed. This gives you peace of mind when it comes to your legal matters, both personal and professional.

Power of Attorney

Need to get a power of attorney notarized in a hurry? BlueNotary can handle that, too. This is a lifesaver if things need to happen right away and you don’t have time for delays. With BlueNotary, you can get the legal authorization you need fast and securely, all online.

Financial Documents

Dealing with financial stuff like loan agreements, investment forms, or other important paperwork? BlueNotary can get those notarized securely too. This way, you know everything is legal and legit, giving you peace of mind about your finances. With BlueNotary’s top-notch security, you can be confident that your financial transactions are protected against fraud.


Now, let’s move on to how much it costs to use BlueNotary. We have different plans depending on whether you need it for personal use every now and then or if you’re a business that needs it a lot. There’s a straightforward, affordable option for individuals who just need something notarized occasionally. We also have plans with more features for businesses that use BlueNotary a lot. We’ll break down the details of their plans below:

Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year It includes more features for managing business and getting clients.
Business $43/user/month For frequent notarizations, includes two free RONs monthly; additional RONs $are $10 each.
eSign Only Basic Free Up to 5 eSigns per month; no notarization features.


DocVerify is another strong contender in the online notarization space. They use secure video chat to connect you with a notary, so you can get things notarized from anywhere, anytime. No more waiting around for business hours to open! This is perfect for all sorts of situations, from buying a house to finalizing legal paperwork or signing financial agreements. DocVerify makes the whole process smooth and efficient, saving you time and hassle.

Another advantage of using DocVerify is that it is suitable for use in different circumstances as it deals with many types of documents. This makes them ideal for real estate agents, lawyers, financial experts, or anyone who has a frequent need for notarization services. They also ensure that every process is done legally to ensure that your notarizations can stand legal processes in case they are needed.


Security is a big deal for DocVerify, just like it should be. They use top-notch encryption, the kind banks use, to scramble your information. This makes it impossible for anyone to peek at your stuff who shouldn’t.

By leveraging on its encryption, DocVerify supplements the protection in areas that will ensure that only the right persons get access to documents that need this security. Some of them include the use of security questions and the codes to be entered as received by your phone. This double-down approach means you can be confident your information is in safe hands.

As for the company’s approach towards users, you won’t be left without a crumb once you create an account with DocVerify. Also, they now offer many useful tools like guides and articles, as well as a proper customer support team. Like this, you can guarantee you are using all-inclusive functions and handling your notarizations properly.


The first thing that can be adored about DocVerify is that it is ridiculously easy to use regardless of your tech-savviness. Their platform guides you all the way through the process of getting something notarized right from the appointment setting up to document submission as well as the process of notarization proper. It may sound complicated but you don’t need to be a geek to make sense of it.


Now onto how much it costs to use DocVerify. Just like BlueNotary, they provide different services or ‘packages’ depending on whether you are an occasional user who wants it for personal use or some sort of company that requires it from time to time. You have your typical random notary plan, and there are plans with additional features for users who notarize much and people with companies. We’ll break down the details of their plans below, so you can see what each one offers and how much it costs.

Plan Type Cost Features
Business E-Sign $24/user/month Includes all Professional features plus E-Sign platform only, business reporting, and additional e-signature functionalities.
Enterprise $65/user/month Includes all Business E-Sign features plus E-Notary & RON platforms, advanced security features, and priority support.
Enterprise Group Custom Pricing Tailored solutions for large organizations include all Enterprise features, API access, bulk processing, and dedicated account management.

Making Your Pick

Alright, so we’ve drilled down into both BlueNotary and DocVerify. Deciding between them depends on what matters most to you. Need maximum flexibility and convenience?  BlueNotary might be your winner. They’re available 24/7 and their secure video chat lets you get things notarized from anywhere, anytime. This is perfect for busy schedules or unexpected needs.

Do you deal with various documents regularly, especially for real estate, legal, or financial matters? DocVerify could be a great fit. Their user-friendly platform and focus on security with tamper-evident technology make them a reliable option for frequent notarization needs.

Ultimately, BlueNotary stands out for its ease of use, affordability, and 24/7 availability.  This makes it a convenient choice for individuals and businesses who need occasional or frequent notarizations. Their user-friendly platform and comprehensive support resources ensure a smooth experience. Explore BlueNotary today to experience efficient online notarization services tailored to your needs.

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