Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or SignEasy?

With everything moving online these days, choosing the right platform for e-signatures and notarizations is more critical than ever. Two strong contenders are BlueNotary and SignEasy. Both offer powerful features to meet different needs.

This guide will break down everything you need to consider, including features, security, ease of use, who they’re best for, pricing, and customer support. By the end, you’ll know which platform is the perfect fit for your business and can streamline your operations.


Fine, so here’s what BlueNotary is all about. They are involved in something they call Remote Online Notarization, or RON for short, as well. This means that with the help of only a secure video call, people can get the document notarized at any time, even if in a different state. Finally, no more stressing over the fact that you need to find an Online Notary in person! However, there is good news because BlueNotary complies with all legal requirements in each state, so you can be assured of accurate compliance with the laws. This makes them a flexible and reliable source of obtaining notary services by businesses or individuals requiring notarized documents.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

What makes BlueNotary stand out is its remote online notarization, or what is called RON for short. Documents signed by a notary through a secure video Conference can be initiated from any state in the United States of America at any time. The process is straightforward to follow: You can schedule a call with a notary online, upload the necessary papers, and then check your ID. This eliminates the chances of having to meet such a person face to face, thus sparing more time and energy. It also becomes very convenient when one requires the notarization of documents immediately.


Security is a significant concern when it comes to online notarization, and BlueNotary gets that. They use top-notch encryption technology, the kind banks use, to keep your information and documents safe. Plus, they use secure video chats to verify your ID and keep everything up-and-coming. They also hold a detailed record of every notarization, so there’s always a clear trail if you need it. With all these security measures in place, BlueNotary is a solid choice for anyone who needs to get documents notarized safely and securely, whether you’re an individual or a business.


BlueNotary is not only safe but also convenient for use compared to its counterparts. As for their interface, it is quite simple and guides you through the process of notarizing something. This makes it easy to use, and you do not need a tech guru to navigate the page. Also, since online notaries are always getting online to work, you can make an appointment with your notary at a time that is suitable for you and not the other way around. Secondly, there are quite a number of tools that can assist in optimizing the outcome, such as webinars, training videos, and many more. In that regard, BlueNotary brings an easy and hassle-free process of getting documents notarized.

Specific Use Cases

BlueNotary is tailored to address a variety of professional and personal notarization needs with efficiency and convenience:

Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a house involves a number of complications that can turn the process into an extremely elaborate operation. Thus, with Blue Notary, you can have all the documents necessary for notarization completed remotely which will save time to all parties involved as well as to the notary itself. That’s why things are not stuck somewhere and everyone knows what needs to be done next.

Legal Documents

Blue Notary isn’t just for real estate. They can also handle important legal documents like wills, contracts, and affidavits. Their secure online notarization process meets all state regulations, so you can be sure everything is dealt with legally and with care.

Power of Attorney

Sometimes, things come up that require immediate attention. If you need a power of attorney document notarized quickly, Blue Notary can handle it securely online. This ensures everything is legal and gets done fast when time is of the essence.

Financial Documents

Blue Notary can also help with financial documents like loan agreements and investment forms. Their online notarization makes sure all your paperwork is legally sound and properly notarized, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your finances.


Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for notaries handling occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year Designed for business management and client acquisition; more features.
Business $43/user/month For frequent notarizations, it includes two free RONs monthly, $10/additional.
eSign Only Basic Free Up to 5 eSigns per month; no notarization features.


Whether you need something notarized once in a blue moon or you deal with it all the time, Blue Notary has a plan for you. Their Basic plan is free and perfect for occasional notarizations. If you need it more regularly, they have Pro Hybrid and Business plans that offer extra features, like tools to manage your business and a certain number of free notarizations included.


SignEasy is far from being a tool to capture signatories on a document. It is an end-to-end solution that supports the processing of contracts in an electronic manner. This ease of signing, sending, and tracking of documents in over 25 formats lies enclosed in SignEasy. There is no location constraint for accessing SignEasy As it can be used on a computer and phone. On top of that, all collected signatures are legal if a platform adheres to the standards and requirements set by ESIGN and eIDAS. First, it helps you make sure that everything is done right.

Electronic Signatures and Workflow Management

SigEasy is a place where all your contract management can be done electronically, like going back to our cavemen days. Instead of sending documents back and forth with emails, having to print a document, sign it, and then scan it back to send it, you can accomplish the same with SignEasy with just a click. In addition to allowing you to sign documents yourself, SignEasy lets you send your documents to other people and track them all in one place. It also means that you don’t have to spend numerous hours or at least significant time on it; it is compatible with more than twenty-five file formats and can be used in a multitude of situations. If you are in the manufacturing or service industry or any other industry for that matter, SignEasy could help make contract approval and signing a breeze.


The biggest drawback of employing e-signatures is security and SignEasy understands this well. It employs advanced encryption technology to make sure your documents are safe as the ones that banks employ. They also closely conform to standards in the industry such as SOC 2 and HIPAA, exhibiting the ability to manage sensitive information associated with both the medical and legal professions. SignEasy also tracks each alteration made to the documents, including who signed what and when. That means when you use SignEasy, your records are protected by multiple levels of protection.


SignEasy is not only safe but also effortless to use. Their interface is clear, so you’ll be able to check it out quickly. They also hold features that make document management easier, like instant notifications that alert you when someone signs goods and document templates that you can reuse for often-used papers. SignEasy also works on your phone and tablet, letting you handle documents on the move. Moreover, it combines with a variety of other tools you already use, making it even more helpful. With all of this, SignEasy is an effective tool that may help your business function more smoothly.

Specific Use Cases

Business Contracts

SignEasy streamlines how you handle business contracts. Imagine this: automated workflows and real-time collaboration features that get contracts signed off fast and with no mistakes. SignEasy cuts down on errors and delays, so your team can ditch the paperwork pile and focus on the bigger picture. It basically frees you up to tackle more strategic projects.

Legal Compliance

Security is top-notch with SignEasy. That means all your signed documents are legally sound, making it a great fit for industries like law and healthcare where following the rules is critical. Features like audit trails, encryption, and following regulations like ESIGN and eIDAS give you peace of mind. You can rest assured your documents are secure and have legal weight.

Mobile Access

SignEasy’s mobile app is a game-changer. You can sign and manage documents on your phone or tablet, wherever you are. This is huge for busy professionals who are always on the go. No more being stuck at your desk to handle important documents. SignEasy keeps you productive, no matter where your work takes you. It basically ensures business keeps moving forward, even when you’re not in the office.


Plan Type Monthly Cost Yearly Cost Key Features
Business $40/user/month $30/user/month Send unlimited documents, Mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android), Custom branding  Admin dashboard, Microsoft Teams & Google Workspace integration
Business Plus $60/user/month $50/user/month All Business features, Attachments, SharePoint integration, SSO (Single Sign-On), Dedicated success manager

SignEasy keeps things flexible with their pricing. They have plans for everyone, from solopreneurs to big companies. Their Business and Business Plus plans offer all the bells and whistles to streamline your workflow and document management so you can find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Making The Decision

The battle between BlueNotary and SignEasy? It all boils down to what you need. SignEasy is a powerhouse for e-signatures and document management, with features that work well for any size business. It’s super user-friendly and plays well with other tools, making it a great option to smooth out your contract approval process.

However, BlueNotary stands out as the superior option for those seeking comprehensive notarization services. Its robust security measures, ease of use, and round-the-clock availability make it an exceptional choice for individuals and businesses needing reliable and convenient online notarization. For a seamless and secure notarization experience, BlueNotary is the better choice.

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