Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or PandaDoc? Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or PandaDoc?

Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or PandaDoc?

With everything moving digital these days, businesses are on the hunt for ways to handle documents and deals online. That’s where platforms like BlueNotary and PandaDoc come in – they help make these processes a breeze.

BlueNotary does exceptionally well in getting things notarized online, whereas PandaDoc functions as more of an all-inclusive solution for managing all your documents. Let’s break down who might find each platform most helpful.

Overview of BlueNotary

BlueNotary is built for two types: notaries who work online and folks who need something notarized electronically. It’s basically a platform that lets you get things signed legally online, all while keeping things secure. It has features like video calls with a notary, verifying IDs online, and handling documents safely – pretty much everything you’d need to get something notarized the digital way. 

We’ll dive deeper into their toolbox in a minute, but for now, it’s clearly designed with the strict rules of notarizing in mind.

Overview of PandaDoc

PandaDoc, on the other hand, functions as a document able to multitask. Sales teams, human resources, and legal teams can all use it for creating, tracking, and getting electronic signs on several kinds of documents. Their secret weapon? Automating repetitive tasks in your document workflow and giving you insights into how well those documents are performing.

We’ll take a closer look at how their features stack up against BlueNotary’s in a bit, but for now, it’s clear PandaDoc is built for anyone who deals with documents regularly.

Feature Comparison

Alright, so we’ve seen what BlueNotary and PandaDoc bring to the table. It’s clear they’re both really good at what they do, offering features designed to make things easier for specific users. Now, let’s see how they compare head-to-head.


Here’s what makes BlueNotary stand out for getting things notarized online:

  • Video Calls for Legal Stuff Anywhere: No more getting together in one place! An Online Notary can partner with you over live video chat to sign your documents electronically. Everything is confirmed and registered just as you would with a live in-person notarization.
  • Double-Checking Identities Online: BlueNotary uses fancy tech to make sure everyone involved is who they say they are. This includes things like scanning your ID and asking you some security questions.
  • Signing and Sealing Electronically: Say goodbye to pen and paper! BlueNotary lets you sign documents digitally and even adds a special seal to them to prevent any funny business.
  • Keeping Track of Everything: It also keeps a detailed record of all your notarization transactions so you can easily access them if needed.
  • Adapts to Different States: Notary laws can vary by state, but BlueNotary can handle it. Their platform adjusts to the specific rules of wherever you are.


PandaDoc is all about taking the hassle out of working with documents:

  • Pre-Built Templates to Save Time: With this program you can preside over a mass library of ready-to-use templates to suit your every need, after which you can customize them until you are satisfied.
  • Automate the Boring Stuff: PandaDoc can save you time by automating the tasks that you do in the document workflow, so you can concentrate on the more important matters.
  • See How Your Documents Are Doing: Would you like to monitor the interaction people would have with your documents?
  • Interactive Quotes that Close Deals: Create impressive, customizable quotes that your clients can adjust on the spot. This can be a game-changer for sales teams!
  • Get Paid Faster: PandaDoc integrates with different payment gateways, so you can collect payments directly through your documents, speeding things up for everyone.

Ease of Use

BlueNotary: Easy to Use for Everyone

BlueNotary designed its platform with both notaries and their clients in mind, making it super user-friendly. Even if you’re new to the whole digital notarization thing, you’ll be a pro in no time. Here’s what makes it so easy:

  • Finding your documents is a breeze: With access to what you need at just a click, you don’t have to waste time looking for it.
  • Verifying ID is quick and secure: We have reorganized the ID verification procedure into one that is quick but also secure.
  • Step-by-Step Like a Recipe: The process of the notariarization has everything laid out, step-by-step evenly and is round like a recipe. This way, it is possible to eliminate any errors.

With the focus on making “online notarization” easier to use, BlueNotary is the ideal choice for professionals who want an undemanding and trouble-free digital notarization experience.

PandaDoc: Packed with Features for Busy Teams

While BlueNotary keeps things simple, PandaDoc offers a wider toolbox for businesses that deal with a lot of documents. Their interface is still clean and modern, but it’s loaded with features to help you create, manage, and work on documents together with your team. Here’s what makes it powerful:

  • Customize Your Workspace: PandaDoc lets you set up your dashboard exactly how you like it, whether you’re working solo or collaborating with a team.
  • Drag and Drop Like a Pro: Editing and arranging documents is a breeze with their drag-and-drop functionality. No tech skills needed!
  • Track Everything in One Place: See exactly where each document is in the process with its intuitive controls. No more chasing down approvals!

With this robust set of features, PandaDoc can handle even the most complex document workflows. It’s a great choice for businesses that need a powerful and scalable document management solution.



Online notarization is an area responsible for security. BlueNotary is aware of this and uses advanced identity verification technologies to confirm the genuineness of all those involved. This involves what is called knowledge-based authentication, where you will only answer the queries and biometric verification, which would be either a fingerprint scan or facial recognition, depending on your OS. These multi-layered security measures guarantee that BlueNotary issues valid and authentic online notarization and ensure the stability of the whole process.

On top of verifying identities, BlueNotary goes the extra mile with security. It uses end-to-end encryption, which basically means your conversations and documents are scrambled up so only you and the intended recipient can see them. Plus, every document gets a special electronic seal and a unique digital fingerprint. This way, if anyone tries to tamper with the document, it’ll be clear as day.


PandaDoc keeps your documents safe and sound, following all the latest data privacy rules like GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California. They use top-notch encryption to scramble your documents while they’re moving around online, and their servers are like Fort Knox for your data. Plus, PandaDoc lets you control who sees your documents and keeps a record of who accessed them and what they did. This transparency helps keep everything accountable and secure.



Notary laws can be a maze, and they differ depending on where you are in the US. Luckily, BlueNotary can handle it. The platform adjusts its settings and processes to fit the specific rules of your state so you can be sure you’re following all the legalities. This includes things like customizing forms and certificates for your area. 

But that’s not all! BlueNotary lets you personalize the client interface, too. You can add your own branding to give clients a professional experience that matches your services.


PandaDoc is all about customizing documents to fit your exact needs. Unlike BlueNotary, which focuses on legal stuff, PandaDoc lets you build documents from scratch or tweak existing templates. This is a huge timesaver for teams like sales, HR, and legal, which use a lot of contracts, proposals, and other documents.

But PandaDoc goes beyond just making documents look good. You can also automate repetitive tasks in your workflow! Imagine a document automatically sending reminders for approvals or kicking off the next step in a process – that’s the power of customization with PandaDoc.



Since BlueNotary is built for legal folks, it integrates seamlessly with other legal software programs they might already use. Think of things like document storage systems and compliance databases. This lets notaries work more efficiently and keep everything organized, all while following the rules and regulations in their state. Basically, BlueNotary connects the dots in the legal world to make things smoother for everyone.


While BlueNotary focuses on legal integrations, PandaDoc is more like a team player. It connects with all sorts of business tools you might already use, like sales software like Salesforce or HubSpot. This makes it a breeze for sales teams to streamline their processes, like sending proposals and closing deals faster.

But that’s not all! PandaDoc also connects to payment gateways and business management systems. Imagine collecting payments right within your documents or automatically updating your inventory when a deal closes – that’s the power of PandaDoc’s integrations. This makes it a valuable tool for everyone, from sales and marketing to operations.

Pricing and Plans


The good news is that BlueNotary doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing scheme. It offers different plans depending on who you are: 

  • For Notaries:


  • Basic Plan: Free, suitable for notaries handling occasional notarizations.
  • Pro Hybrid Plan: Manage Your Notary Business & Get Clients ($24.75/month or $297/year).

  • For Businesses/GNW (General Notary Work):

The Business plan caters to companies that require frequent notarizations for their day-to-day operations. It provides each team member with access to BlueNotary at a monthly cost of $43 per user. This plan includes two complimentary remote online notarizations (RON) every month. Additional RON sessions can be purchased for $10 each, making it a scalable solution for businesses with fluctuating needs.


  • For Closings:

Typically includes a flat fee for handling real estate document closings, providing a streamlined solution for real estate professionals. Specific rates can vary based on transaction details and volume.

  • eSign Only:


  • Basic: Free, providing up to 5 eSigns per month, ideal for users who need essential electronic signature services without additional notarization features.


  • Pro: Provides more extensive eSigning capabilities for a monthly fee, catering to users who require more frequent and complex eSigning needs.


PandaDoc doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing scheme. They offer different plans depending on what your business needs:

  • Free eSign Plan: Need a simple way to get electronic signatures? This free plan lets you do just that, with unlimited signatures and even payment processing included.
  • Essentials Plan ($19/user/month): This plan is a good starting point for teams that want to create and track documents. It includes features like templates and document analytics.
  • Business Plan ($49/user/month): If you seek more advanced features such as automated workflows and integration with your CRM software, you can choose this plan for individual growth. It also comes with upgraded security functions for the safekeeping of confidential material.
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): For larger companies with complex document management needs, PandaDoc offers custom Enterprise plans. These plans include unlimited workspaces, dedicated customer support, and advanced customization options.

Device Accessibility

BlueNotary realizes that flexibility is the main factor for both notaries and their clients. Therefore, our platform has been fully adapted to the needs of desktops, tabs, and even smartphones. The interface is web-based but works on any device, the notarization process would involve ID verification and adding e-seal – all this on the run.

BlueNotary goes where you go! This platform works great on phones, tablets, and computers. This means you can verify IDs, get signatures, and finalize notarizations – all from your mobile device. No more offices are needed! This flexibility is perfect for notaries who work remotely or travel to meet clients.


Just like BlueNotary, PandaDoc isn’t chained to desks. Their product just works on tablets and smartphones, so you can work with your documents anywhere and anytime. This means that you can also send the documents and get signatures remotely via your phone. In addition, you can get detailed analytics on how your documents are doing – just from your phone! This mobility works seamlessly with PandaDoc, therefore making it the ideal choice for many teams with tight schedules.

Choosing the Right Digital Platform: BlueNotary vs. PandaDoc

Ultimately, the best platform for you depends on what you need. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Need a secure and easy way to get things notarized online? BlueNotary is your go-to solution.
  • Do you deal with a lot of documents and want a powerful toolbox to manage them? PandaDoc might be a better fit.

Both platforms are friendly to the user and have apps for handheld devices, which make them convenient to use when away from home. Whether you select one or the other, you are on your way to a more comfortable digital document usage.

Ready to Try BlueNotary?

Browse the website, where you can check the various plans and choose the one that fits you best. It may be an individual notary who is seeking to improve their workload or a business that frequently needs notarizations, but BlueNotary has you covered anyway. We have different options, so you can choose the one that fits your budget and workload.

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