BlueNotary or Proposify BlueNotary or Proposify

Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or Proposify?

In today’s highly digital environment, the selection of the right platform for e-signatures and notarizations defines the companies’ further development path. It may assist your business to operate more efficiently and provide you with time. Both options are rather powerful and incorporate many different features to adapt to various requirements. This guide will specify the type of each one, analyzing what it’s all about, whether it is safe, how easy it is to use it, what it is suitable for, how much it costs, and what exactly it will do to assist you if you encounter a problem?

In the coming minutes, you’ll fully understand which platform would be more suitable for your business. No matter what your intent is, whether you are aiming to employ Online Notary services to facilitate some documents or improve your proposals further, this post should provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision.


BlueNotary is the option that must be chosen in order to get things done online and get a notary seal safely. We have completely revolutionized the notary world. The situations when you can get a document notarized have been changed by BlueNotary, as it can be done online in a video call. Say goodbye to arriving Wednesday at 4 PM for a notary appointment! The convenience here is significant; executing remote online notarizations is a snap across all 50 states. Also, all of BlueNotary’s services meet legal requirements, so each notarization you make at BlueNotary will be legitimate and valid.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Getting started with BlueNotary is a breeze. Just schedule a video call with one of our certified online notaries. During the call, you’ll upload your documents and answer a few quick questions to verify your identity. Once that’s done, the notary will take care of the official notarization part securely and legally. This smooth process works great for all sorts of things, from closing on a house to finalizing legal paperwork or signing financial agreements. BlueNotary basically lets you handle these critical tasks without ever leaving your desk, which saves you a ton of time and hassle.


Security is a big deal for BlueNotary, and rightfully so. We use top-notch encryption, the kind banks use, to scramble your information. This makes it impossible for anyone to peek at your stuff who shouldn’t. Plus, we use secure video chat technology to verify your ID, adding another layer of safety to the whole process.

We also record every notarization session and keep it on file, like a digital fingerprint. This way, if anything comes up down the road, there’s a clear record that everything was done correctly. With all these robust security features, BlueNotary is a solid option for anyone who takes data protection and follows the rules seriously.


BlueNotary is super user-friendly, no matter how comfortable you are with tech. Our platform is really intuitive and walks you through each step of getting something notarized. Setting up appointments, scanning important documents, and attesting documents is a breeze with clear instructions. Furthermore, the services are available at any time of the day or night; therefore, you can complete your assignments at any time conveniently, whether it is dawn, midnight, or on weekends. Such aspects as the construction of the interface are presented at their best, and even if one is not into using computers too much, one can interface with this one easily.

Specific Use Cases

And the best part? Blue Notary works for all sorts of situations, both personal and professional. Whether you.

Real Estate Transactions

BlueNotary can help make the whole process smoother and faster. With BlueNotary, buyers, sellers, and agents can all get everything notarized remotely without having to meet up in person. This saves tons of time and keeps things moving along.

Legal Documents

BlueNotary’s secure platform follows all the state rules, so you can rest assured your documents are notarized properly and will hold up if needed.

Power of Attorney

BlueNotary can handle that, too. This is great for those times when things need to happen right away, and you don’t have time for delays. With BlueNotary, you can get the legal authorization you need fast and securely.

Financial Agreements

BlueNotary can get those notarized securely, too. This way, you know everything is legal and legit, giving you peace of mind about your finances.


Now, onto how much it costs. There are multiple pricing tiers on BlueNotary if used for personal use, as well as if it will be used as a business tool frequently. These plans help a client determine the features you desire in a particular gadget and the cost that you can comfortably afford. We’ll take a look at their latest offerings and these price structures below so you can get a better idea:

Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year Manage business and get clients; include more features.
Business $43/user/month Frequent notarizations, two free RONs monthly, and additional RONs at $10 each.
eSign Only Basic Free Up to 5 eSigns per month; no notarization features.


Another promising contender is Proposify, and its main motto is to facilitate proposal writing to gain more deals. In Proposify, there’s a whole package of handy tools for simplification, such as appealing templates, snippets of standard texts to insert, and even elegant analytics about current proposals. In a nutshell, Proposify is used to develop professional, attractive, and straight-to-the-point proposals that enable you to seal more deals.

So here is what we have – Proposify has all these features for one good purpose – to create proposals that are interesting to your clients. This can add to the convenience of your service by making the entire proposition cycle more efficient and easier while eventually increasing the number of contracts you close. Proposify is ideal for any company with a sales team, marketing agency, consultancies, or any organization that would like to escalate to the next level of their proposals.

Key Features

Now, let’s get into the specific details you need to know about how Proposify works for you. They have a list of features that enable the creation of proposal writing that go hand in hand with keeping the clients keen on the proposals that you develop for the growth of your business. Here’s a closer look at what Proposify has to offer:

Proposal Templates

Proposify presents you with lots of awesome templates that you can use to design pretty cool proposals for your projected projects within the shortest time possible. These templates are versatile, too, meaning that you can coordinate with them based on your company’s identity and the specific service quality each client requires. This way, all your proposals will be professional, consistent, and polished.

Content Library

Proposify also has this content library feature, which is pretty cool. It’s basically a central hub where you can store all the building blocks of your proposals – things like company info, success stories, and pricing details. This way, you can easily find and reuse stuff you’ve already written, saving you a ton of time. You can also build a library of pre-written sections you use often, so you always have high-quality content on hand, no matter who you’re proposing to.

Interactive Pricing Tables

Proposify has this really neat feature called interactive pricing tables. Basically, clients can pick and choose what they want directly in the proposal. This makes things super clear for them and keeps them engaged. It’s also more dynamic and interactive than just sending a static price list. By letting clients see and choose their options themselves, you can be more transparent and help them understand exactly what they’re getting for their money.


Clients are also allowed to e-sign proposals through secure electronic signatures in the platform. This cuts out the tediousness of printing, signing, and scanning physical copies, which can become time-consuming barriers. Another benefit of e-signatures is that they are especially useful for long-distance clients or people in different time zones since everyone can click on the final word and sign electronically, no matter the location. This serves to maintain order and to ensure that you are in a position to close more deals in a relatively shorter duration of time.


Proposify not only assists you in writing proposals but also helps you evaluate how they are faring. Analyze how many clients open your proposals, what sections they spend time on, and whether they actively read and engage with the content. This brings into focus the strengths and weaknesses of their proposals in order to achieve better sales in the future. In short, you receive support for your decisions and continue tweaking your suggestions to make them more effective.


Security is among the key focuses of Proposify, which is quite reasonable given the nature of its service. They employ the best and current encryption techniques to ensure that your data gets encoded, and there is nobody that has the right to look at it. They also follow very strict access policies to ensure that only authorized persons can view your sensitive information and they frequently audit to ensure that all is in order.

Besides, they work according to all the data protection rules that are necessary in the present day, so your data is saved here, and there is nothing to worry about. This is especially true when it comes to matters that involve confidentiality of information.


Proposify is all about making things easy. Their interface is super user-friendly, so you don’t need to be a tech whiz to create proposals. They have a drag-and-drop editor that lets you build and customize proposals however you want, even if you’re not technical. Plus, with their pre-made templates and content library full of useful stuff, you can create professional proposals in no time.

Proposify also works great with a bunch of CRM systems and other business tools you might already use. This means you can keep everything in one place and avoid any data juggling. No matter if you’re a small startup or a big corporation, Proposify’s user-friendly features make it easy to create impressive proposals quickly and efficiently.


Proposify pricing ranges by company shape and service demands. Whether you are a tiny startup with a few members or a major company that needs all of the capacities, they have an answer for you. Each plan features plenty of tools to help you develop, organize, and track proposals. We’ll go over every aspect of their plans below so you can see what each one provides and how much it charges to help you choose what’s most suitable for you.

Plan Type Cost Features
Tall $49/month/user Ideal for small teams; includes templates, content library, e-signatures, and analytics.

Making Your Pick

If you’re looking for a top-notch platform to handle secure online notarizations, BlueNotary is a great choice. It’s user-friendly, secure, and lets you get things done quickly and easily, from anywhere. On the other hand, if creating winning proposals is your priority, Proposify is your best bet. 

But if you need a secure and user-friendly platform to handle online notarizations anytime, anywhere, BlueNotary is a great option. It’s convenient, secure, and lets you get things done remotely, making it perfect for both personal and professional use. Explore BlueNotary today to experience efficient online notarization services tailored to your needs.

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