Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or SilentNotary?

The advent of online notary services has made notarizing papers easier in the current digital era. There are two prominent platforms in this market: BlueNotary and SilentNotary. Both have special qualities and advantages, but which is better for you? To assist you in making an informed choice, this article will compare the two services in several areas, which include features, cost, usability, and customer service. 

Key Takeaways

  • Notarizing documents online is made more accessible with the help of BlueNotary and SilentNotary.
  • BlueNotary provides extensive functioning, affordable prices, and vital customer service.
  • With a distinct pricing structure, SilentNotary concentrates on document authentication using blockchain-based technologies.
  • Because of its overall higher value and convenience for users, BlueNotary is advised. 

Comparing Features: BlueNotary & SilentNotary

Features of BlueNotary

  1. Online Notarization: This service enables users to use video conferencing to notarize documents online.
  2. E-Signature Integration: Facilitates an efficient workflow by supporting electronic signatures.
  3. Document Storage: All notarized papers are kept safe and secure on the cloud.
  4. Multiple users can access and manage publications with multi-user access.
  5. All the time. Notarize papers whenever and wherever you choose.
  6. Provides a mobile application that is lightweight and easy to use for notarizations while on the go. 

Features of SilentNotary

  1. Blockchain Technology: Verifies and authenticates documents using blockchain technology.
  2. Supports electronic signatures through digital signature integration.
  3. Immutable timestamps for documents are provided using document timestamping.
  4. Decentralized Storage: Stores documents on decentralized networks.
  5. Support for Multiple Languages: Available across several languages.
  6. Mobile Access: An easy-to-use platform optimized for handheld mobile devices. 

Pricing Comparison

Feature BlueNotary SilentNotary
Basic Plan $10/month Free (with limited features)
Premium Plan $25/month $15/month
Enterprise Plan Custom pricing Custom pricing
Additional Fees Pay-per-notarization for non-subscribers Pay-per-use for advanced features

BlueNotary Price Information

  • The $10/month Basic Plan comes with five notarizations.
  • Unlimited notarizations are included in the $25/month Premium Plan.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored price depending on the number of users and required notarizations.

Details about SilentNotary’s Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited notarizations and basic features.
  • The $15/month Premium Plan offers further notarizations and improved features.
  • Custom Plan: Personalized prices for big companies and institutions. 

Ease of Use BlueNotary

BlueNotary was created with ease of use in mind. Thanks to its user-friendly layout, users may easily explore the platform, conduct notarizations, and maintain documents. The mobile app allows users to notarize paper while on the go, which increases convenience. The round-the-clock accessibility guarantees that users can obtain services at any time.

Notary Silent

Although SilentNotary’s UI is simple to use, some users may need to go through a learning curve due to the integration of blockchain technology. Because the platform is responsive, consumers can use their cellphones to access services. The procedure may become more complicated for individuals unfamiliar with these technologies due to the reliance on blockchain and decentralized storage. 

Client Assistance BlueNotary

BlueNotary provides excellent customer service across a variety of channels, such as live chat, phone, and email. A complete knowledge library featuring tutorials and frequently asked questions is also provided to assist users in navigating the platform.

Notary Silent

Customer service is provided by SilentNotary via email and a help center. Although the support is good, it is not as quick as phone support or live chat. To help users, the platform does offer comprehensive FAQs and instructions. 

Security is a top priority for BlueNotary, which stores documents in a secure cloud and encrypts every transaction from beginning to end. The platform conforms with industry standards to guarantee the security and privacy of user data.

Notary Silent

SilentNotary offers a high degree of security by utilizing blockchain technology. Documents are protected against manipulation by immutable timestamps and decentralized storage. SilentNotary is a great option for people who value state-of-the-art security features. 

Feature and Pricing Comparison

Category BlueNotary SilentNotary
Online Notarization Yes Yes
E-Signature Integration Yes Yes
Document Storage Secure Cloud Storage Decentralized Storage
Multi-User Access Yes Yes
24/7 Availability Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Mobile-Friendly
Blockchain Technology No Yes
Document Timestamping No Yes
Pricing $10/month – $25/month Free – $15/month
Customer Support Email, Phone, Live Chat Email, Help Center
Security End-to-End Encryption, Secure Cloud Storage Blockchain Security, Decentralized Storage


BlueNotary and SilentNotary provide valuable online notarization services. BlueNotary stands out for its large feature set, intuitive UI, reasonable costs, and excellent customer support. However, SilentNotary uses blockchain technology that will demystify your mind with mindfulness. 

Customers who value an effortless user-friendly platform with robust support should choose BlueNotary. It’s an excellent option for individuals and enterprises because of its features, safety, and affordability. Despite its steeper learning curve, SilentNotary is ideal for anyone who appreciates modern technology and security.  


1. What distinguishes BlueNotary from SilentNotary in the main?

SilentNotary uses blockchain technology for document authentication and security, while BlueNotary concentrates on offering a user-friendly experience with full notary services and customer support.

2. Can I utilize my mobile device to access BlueNotary or SilentNotary?

Indeed, users can notarize documents from their cellphones using the mobile-friendly solutions offered by SilentNotary and BlueNotary.

3. Which system provides superior customer service?

With a variety of customer service channels, including phone and live chat, BlueNotary provides more comprehensive help and facilitates users’ access to quick assistance. 

4. With BlueNotary and SilentNotary, is my data secure?

Yes, security is a top priority on both platforms. SilentNotary uses decentralized storage and blockchain technology for improved safety, whereas BlueNotary uses end-to-end encryption and safe cloud storage.

5. Which service costs less money?

While SilentNotary’s pricing starts at $15 per month, BlueNotary offers low pricing, with plans starting at $10 per month. BlueNotary’s extensive feature set and support provide more features for the money.

In summary, BlueNotary is the best choice for the majority of customers since it provides the ideal balance of performance, cost, and customer service. BlueNotary offers strong security measures and an easy-to-use notary service.

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