Which One Should You Buy: BlueNotary or American Notary USA?

We’re very busy these days, let’s face it. It’s no longer important to throw away time making an effort to seek out a notary public during the day or gathering everybody for a signature. We now have Remote Online Notarization, or RON for short, thanks to technological advancements. Things have gotten far more manageable as a result. Companies like BlueNotary and American Notary USA offer platforms that streamline the whole document notarization process.

But how do you choose between them? This guide will break down the pros and cons of both BlueNotary and American Notary USA. Is the human dimension of an in-person meeting worth more to you than the swiftness and clarity that come from working online? You can choose which choice is best for you based on this comparison.

What is BlueNotary?

BlueNotary stands out for its convenience. As long as you have internet access, you can notarize documents from any place, such notaras the office, couch, or a Starbucks. This saves from having to plan everyone’s schedules for a signature or care about the Online Notary being accessible during business hours.

The Power of Remote Online Notarization

BlueNotary makes the whole RON process super easy. All you need to do is schedule a quick video call with one of our qualified online notaries. On the call, you can securely upload your documents and answer a few questions to confirm who you are. The video call gives you that face-to-face interaction with the notary, so it feels just like a traditional signing, but virtually.

Unwavering Security

BlueNotary takes security seriously, especially when it comes to your important documents. We protect your information with the same highly sophisticated encryption that banks do. Your data is ultimately buried by this encryption, making it impossible for someone to read anything even if they have obtained it.

On top of the encryption, BlueNotary uses secure video chat to double-check your ID before we notarize anything. We also keep a detailed record of everything that happens, including a digital fingerprint of the documents. This all adds up to making sure your notarized documents are authentic and legally sound.

Designed for Ease of Use

Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person, BlueNotary has you covered. Given how user-friendly our program is, the RON procedure is rather straightforward. BlueNotary guides you through each step, regardless of your state of computer knowledge or internet skills. It’s quick-to-follow procedures for setting up appointments, submitting files, and getting everything notarized.

24/7 Availability for Unmatched Convenience

BlueNotary is a lifesaver for busy schedules. We’re available 24/7, so you can ditch the stress of fitting into a notary’s limited hours. Need a document notarized at 6 AM? No problem! Need it done on a Sunday afternoon? You got it. This flexibility is perfect for busy professionals, teams working across different time zones, or anyone with a packed calendar.

Blue Notary: Simplifying Notarization Across Industries

No matter what your needs are, BlueNotary can handle it. We can help with all sorts of documents, from personal stuff like loan applications to business contracts. Here are just a few examples of how BlueNotary makes notarization easier for different situations:

Real Estate Closings

Forget the scheduling headaches and running around to find a notary during a closing rush. BlueNotary lets you notarize everything remotely online for real estate deals. This means everyone involved can participate virtually, no matter where they are, as long as they have internet access. No more geographical barriers and the whole closing process becomes faster and smoother for everyone.

Legal Matters

BlueNotary keeps things secure for important legal documents like wills, contracts, and sworn statements. This means your documents are legally valid and will hold up in court if needed.

Power of Attorney

Need to get a power of attorney notarized? BlueNotary’s online process makes it fast and easy. No delays – you can get this important step done quickly and efficiently.

Financial Security

BlueNotary helps safeguard your financial future. We can notarize loan paperwork and investment forms online, making sure everything is legal and enforceable. This adds an extra layer of security and gives you peace of mind when it comes to your money.

BlueNotary Pricing: Tailored Plans to Fit Your Needs

BlueNotary knows that not everyone needs the same level of service. We can offer a number of pricing choices to meet your demands because of this. We’ll develop a plan for you to choose whether you only sometimes need something notarized or if your business demands notarizations frequently.

Plan Type Cost Features
Basic Free Ideal for notaries handling occasional notarizations; limited features.
Pro Hybrid $24.75/month or $297/year For notaries to manage business & get clients, includes more features.
Business $43/user/month For companies needing frequent notarizations, it includes two free RONs monthly, an additional cost of $10.
eSign Only Basic Free Up to 5 eSigns per month; no notarization features.

What is The American Notary USA?

With everything going on these days, legal and financial stuff can get complicated. A public notary may be called upon to handle formal matters. With its head office in Chesterfield, Virginia, American Notary USA is a trusted BBB member that is capable of helping you with all of your notary services. They have the ability to handle anything—necessary paperwork, automobile purchases, real estate transactions, etc. They are going to ensure that all paperwork is witnessed, signed, and officially accepted as it should be.

Streamlining Real Estate Closings

A property closing can require an array of paperwork, all of which must be neatly signed. By providing a notary to keep track of the signing of all the closing homework, American Notary USA removes the anxiety connected to this process. Their notary is going to check that each form has been filled in accurately and in keeping with the regulations, as well as verifying that each individual’s ID has been checked twice. This protects every person involved in the transaction—lenders, buyers, and sellers—and gives the process another level of defense.

Making Car Purchases Smoother

Buying or selling a car comes with a bunch of forms, like titles, registrations, and bills of sale. American Notary USA can help make things smoother by providing a notary to witness everyone signing on the dotted line. Their notary will verify everyone’s ID and make sure the signatures are legit. This helps prevent any fraud and gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind when finalizing the deal.

Embracing the Convenience of Remote Online Notarization

American Notary USA isn’t just about in-person signings. They’ve also partnered with some trusted online notary services (eNotary for short). This means you can get important documents notarized from the comfort of your own couch or office – no need to travel or meet a notary face-to-face. Imagine finalizing a loan agreement or signing other important documents remotely! While their website doesn’t have all the details about their eNotary partners and process, a quick call to American Notary USA can clear things up.

Ensuring the Validity of Loan Signings

American Notary USA is also a great choice for loan signings. Their notary can be there in person to witness you signing your loan agreement and other paperwork. This makes sure everyone understands the loan terms and that the signatures are legit. Having a notary there adds an extra layer of security and makes things clearer for both borrowers and lenders.

Notarizing Beyond the Basics

American Notary USA isn’t just for real estate, cars, and loans. They can also notarize a whole range of important documents, like wills, powers of attorney, sworn statements, contracts, and more. Getting your documents notarized by a professional from American Notary USA ensures they’re legally sound and enforceable, which can protect you down the line.

Additional Services for Your Convenience

American Notary USA goes above and beyond just notary services. They also sell notary stamps and other office supplies, which could be helpful if you find yourself notarizing things a lot on your own. Basically, they have everything you need for notarization in one place, making them a convenient one-stop shop.

American Notary USA: Addressing Your Specific Needs

No matter what your situation is, American Notary USA can help you get your documents notarized properly. Here are a few examples of how their services can make things easier:

Real Estate Closings

Buying or selling a house? American Notary USA can take the stress out of the closing paperwork. Their notary will be there to oversee the signing of all the documents, making sure everyone is who they say they are, verifying signatures, and ensuring everything is filled out correctly and follows the law. This adds an extra layer of security to the whole process and protects everyone involved, from buyers and sellers to lenders.

Buying or Selling a Car

Buying or selling a car comes with a lot of forms to sign, like titles, registrations, and bills of sale. An American Notary USA notary can be there to witness everyone signing on the dotted line. They’ll verify everyone’s ID and make sure the signatures are legit. This helps prevent any fraud and gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind when finalizing the deal.

Loan Signings

Need a notary for a loan signing? American Notary USA can help. Their notary can be there in person to witness you signing your loan agreement and other paperwork. This makes sure everyone understands the loan terms and that the signatures are legit. Having a notary there adds an extra layer of security and makes things clearer for both borrowers and lenders.

Wills and Power of Attorney

Planning for the future? American Notary USA can help you get your will or power of attorney notarized. Having these documents notarized makes them legally sound and ensures your wishes or the authority granted in a power of attorney are enforceable.

American Notary USA Membership Pricing

American Notary USA also offers a membership program called “Platinum Membership” with two options: Monthly and Annual Membership Plus. This membership can be a good fit if you need frequent notary services. Here’s a quick rundown of what each tier includes:

Plan Type Price Benefits
Platinum Membership (Monthly) $4.99 Public profile listing, Visibility in Signing Services network & public search, Unlimited zip codes for search results, Connect social media profiles, Priority in Signing Services searches, Profile URL for sharing, 24/7 referral hotline
Platinum Membership Plus (Annual) $35.99 All benefits of Monthly Plan * Discounted annual rate (saves $1.99/month), Increased network exposure through ANUSA Spotlight, Featured profile in American Notary USA articles, Profile promotion on social media platforms

Making Your Pick

At the end of the day, both American Notary USA and BlueNotary can get your documents notarized. But if you value convenience, security, and saving time, BlueNotary might be the better fit. Our online platform lets you get things notarized from anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7. No more juggling schedules or worrying about location.

On top of the convenience, BlueNotary keeps things clear and straightforward with our pricing plans. Whether you only need something notarized once in a while or need it frequently for business, we have a plan for you. Our platform is also super user-friendly, so even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person, you can navigate it with ease. Plus, our strong security measures and focus on data protection mean you can relax knowing your documents are safe throughout the whole process.

While American Notary USA offers traditional in-person notarization services, which might be suitable for specific situations, BlueNotary’s innovative approach and feature-rich platform make it the ideal choice for a streamlined and secure notarization experience in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Ready to get started? Explore BlueNotary today to experience efficient, secure, and convenient online notarization services that cater to both personal and business needs.

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