While BlueNotary isn’t necessarily in the business of bonds, we are fastidiously aware of the financial guarantees notaries are required to purchase from surety companies within the industry.

Questions regarding bonds frequently come up from our clients, so here we are going to do our best to clarify what exactly Notary bonds are as well as provide a couple companies we have had the pleasure of discussing with their leaders.

What makes a Good Bond Company?

A good Bond company for notaries must offer a seamless, efficient, and reliable service that caters specifically to the unique needs of notarial professionals. Notaries Public often require bonds to protect the public from any potential mistakes they may make during the notarization process.

Therefore, the company should be experienced in the underwriting and issuance of notary bonds, and be fully compliant with state laws and regulations. Easy online application processes, quick approval, and prompt issuance of the bond are features that notaries look for, as these professionals often need to secure or renew their bonds quickly to continue practicing without interruption.

In addition to offering bonds, a top-notch Bond company should provide comprehensive support services. Educational resources, FAQs, and customer support via various channels (phone, email, chat, etc) can help notaries understand the bonding process and requirements.

Some companies go a step further by offering additional tools and services like Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, notary supplies, and even training courses, which can be extremely valuable for new notaries or those looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

What are Good Notary Bond Companies?

Integrity and reputation are other key attributes of a good Bond company for notaries. Notaries are placing their professional standing in the hands of the Bond company, so it’s crucial that the company has a solid track record. Transparency in pricing, terms, and conditions, along with positive reviews and testimonials, can significantly enhance a Bond company’s credibility.

Many notaries also appreciate a company that is involved in the industry, perhaps through partnerships with notarial associations or by staying current with legislative changes that affect notaries. Aa good Bond company for notaries should combine efficiency, educational support, and industry integrity to offer a holistic and reliable service.

While BlueNotary does not claim to be experts in the field of Bonds. We have met with the owners of a couple different Notary Bond companies that we found to be of quality repute and and to be run by respectable leadership in our chance meetings with them.  The Bond companies that we have had the pleasure of getting to know at a high level are listed below.

Bonds for Notaries
Bonds for Notaries

American Surety Company

The American Surety Company focuses on commercial & fidelity bonds as well as of course, notary bonds. American Surety Company began writing surety business in 1993 and are now licensed to write a broad array of surety bonds in all 50 states. They offer Notary and E&O packages in a number of states and if a state does not require a Notary bond, they still offer Notary E&O insurance to protect the notary (which is something that BlueNotary recommends all notaries obtain, regardless of state.)

Florida Notary Service

If you are specifically a Florida notary, Florida Notary Service might be an ideal bond service for you.  Florida Notary Service specializes in making it simple to get your Florida notary commission online. They provide all you need to become a bonded Florida notary or to renew your commission at a cost of $94.  For those interested in becoming a Remote Online Notary, their RON package includes their training, notary bond and E&O coverage.  Florida Notary Service is a service provided by its parent company Certus.


Notaries.com works similarly to Florida Notary Service and is actually run by the same people.  They help notaries in multiple different states get their commissions and assist with getting required bonds in their all in one packages.  That said, it is still the responsibility of you as the notary to make sure that you are being compliant and have the necessary bonds to perform notarizations in your state.  Notaries.com offers support for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Notary of America 

Notary of America is the same business model as Notaries.com and Florida Notary Service.  Their parent company is also Certus.  They provide notary supplies, services and educational courses to notary professionals across the nation. Their offering vary state to state based on requirements and availability.  For more information, you can reach out to their live chat support.

Where can I find Notary Bonds?

Check out any of the businesses above!  Some will sell individual bonds. Others are all inclusive “get your commission” services. But they’ve all been vetted as legitimate companies with hard working teams.