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RON is Now Legal in Connecticut!

Connecticut Legalizes Remote Online Notarization For a long time, Connecticut as a state had been operating under a temporary Executive Order permitting remote online notarization stemming from the Covid era. However, this temporary order expired on July 1, 2021, leaving Connecticut notaries without a means to perform online notarization like like over >95% of the […]

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BlueNotary Bond Partners: Vetted Teams

While BlueNotary isn’t necessarily in the business of bonds, we are fastidiously aware of the financial guarantees notaries are required to purchase from surety companies within the industry. Questions regarding bonds frequently come up from our clients, so here we are going to do our best to clarify what exactly Notary bonds are as well […]

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California Embraces Remote Online Notarization

In a significant legislative move, California has officially joined 44 other states in embracing the concept of Remote Online Notarization (RON). Senate Bill 696, a pivotal piece of legislation, was recently signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 30. This momentous development authorizes California notaries to embark on a new frontier—offering online notarization […]

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Notary Seal Requirements by State

State References for Notary Seal Requirements BlueNotary has compiled the below list of U.S. states and territories indicates notary seal requirements for specific states. These Statutory References for Notary Seal Requirements vary from state to state. Please note, some states have different requirements for electronic seals than for their traditional seals. This list also includes the […]

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Is MISMO Required for Online Title Closings?

Short Answer: Usually Medium Answer: Although not required, many Title Houses and Lenders prefer or require Online Notarization platforms to have gone through their approval process.  This can be seen here in an interview with EmClosings founder Emily Garcia (EmClosings is a Nationwide Closing Service). (Here you can view the full EmClosings interview) Long Answer: […]

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BlueNotary vs OneNotary

The digital age has brought about significant transformations across industries, one of which is the notarization sector. Two major players in this space are BlueNotary and OneNotary. Both platforms offer remote online notarization (RON) and other digital notary services. However, when it comes to catering to the specialized needs of large enterprises, BlueNotary has several […]

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The Unstoppable Rise of Online Notarization

While a 2022 report by Solidifi suggests that only 19% of consumers currently prefer Remote Online Notarization (RON) to traditional in-person closings, there’s A LOT more to the story. Various other research shows that the acceptance and demand for RON are growing. In this article I aim to provide a nuanced understanding of why RON […]

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Notary Services Tailored for the Military Community

Marketing directly to military bases as a notary can be an effective strategy if you tailor your approach to the unique needs and challenges of the military community. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it: Understand the Military Community: Familiarize yourself with the specific needs and challenges faced by military personnel and their […]

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Demystifying MISMO Approval

As a new notary entering the evolving world of real estate transactions, you’re likely to come across a range of industry terms and acronyms. One term that holds particular importance is “MISMO.” In this article, we’ll break down what MISMO is, why it matters to notaries, and how platforms like BlueNotary have earned MISMO approval […]

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How to Get Tattoo and Piercing Minor Consent Forms Notarized

So you’re a minor and you want a SpongeBob tattoo but you need to get a minor consent form notarized first? We can help you get that notarized online in less than 10 minutes. Maybe you’re leaning towards getting a piercing. We can assist with Notarizing Minor Consent Forms for Piercings too. Conversely, maybe you […]