BlueNotary vs. Signaturely: Platform Comparison BlueNotary vs. Signaturely: Platform Comparison

Future of eSign and eNotarizing: BlueNotary or Signaturely?

As technology continues to evolve, the digital transformation of industries and professions is inescapable. Electronic signatures and electronic notarization are altering the way we conduct business transactions and legal proceedings. For those seeking eSignature and eNotary solutions, two prominent players have emerged:

BlueNotary and Signaturely. As a professional navigating an increasingly digital world, understanding the key differences between these two platforms will allow you to determine which solution is the best fit for your needs. Both offer innovative ways to sign and notarize documents from anywhere, but they differ in their approach, features, and pricing.

Evaluating how BlueNotary and Signaturely can streamline your workflows and boost productivity and security is an important step toward leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage. The future of eSignatures and eNotarization is here; are you ready to go digital?

BlueNotary vs. Signaturely Signing Solution Comparison
BlueNotary vs. Signaturely Signing Solution Comparison

Online Notarization and eSignature Platforms: The New Digital Age of Legal Documents

As the digital transformation of business processes continues, more organizations are adopting electronic signature and electronic notarization solutions. Two industry leaders in this space are BlueNotary and Signaturely.

BlueNotary provides a secure platform for electronically notarizing documents. Their innovative eNotary solution allows notaries to verify signer identity, take acknowledgements, and perform eOaths and eJurats online. BlueNotary also offers their own eSignature service to provide end-to-end digital document signing and notarization.

Signaturely focuses specifically on eSignature.  They don’t have the capability of executing higher level legal docs. Their platform offers a simple way for individuals and businesses to sign legally binding documents electronically. Signaturely provides eSignature APIs that can be integrated directly into your website or mobile app (as does BlueNotary).

Both BlueNotary and Signaturely employ the highest security standards to ensure legal compliance and enforceability of electronically signed and notarized documents (notarized documents require a higher level of security and authentication). Two-factor authentication, encryption, and audit trails are used to guarantee signer identity and maintain a clear chain of custody.

In summary, if your top priority is legally binding electronic notarization, BlueNotary is an ideal solution. For streamlining general eSignature processes, Signaturely provides a robust yet easy-to-use platform. Either way, these innovative services are helping organizations expedite business, reduce costs, and move confidently into the future of paperless document and contract management. The digital age of legal documents is here.

BlueNotary: A Leader in Remote Online Notarization

BlueNotary is a leading provider of remote online notarization (RON) services, allowing individuals and businesses to get documents legally notarized remotely via live audio-video connection.

Founded in 2012, BlueNotary was the first company to offer RON services and has since notarized over 500,000 documents. They currently operate in all 50 states with a network of over 5,000 notaries. Some of the key benefits of using BlueNotary include:

  • Convenience: Get documents notarized remotely 24/7 without leaving home or work.
  • Security: BlueNotary uses bank-level security and has been going through the thorough SOC2 process and ID verification to ensure secure transactions.
  • Compliance: BlueNotary guarantees all RON transactions will be accepted by courts, government agencies, and businesses in accordance with state and federal laws.
  • Affordability: BlueNotary offers simple, flat-rate pricing for individuals and businesses with no hidden fees. Packages start at $27.
  • Expertise: BlueNotary has one of the most experienced team of RON notaries and subject matter experts in the industry. They stay up-to-date with the latest laws and technology.

For those seeking a secure, compliant, and convenient eNotarization solution, BlueNotary should be at the top of the list. They are leading the movement toward fully digital transactions and continue expanding their services to enable the future of notarization and signing. Overall, BlueNotary provides unparalleled value through their innovative platform and exceptional customer service.

Signaturely: Is eSign enough for most businesses?

For most small to midsize businesses, Signaturely’s eSignature solution can meet many of your needs. Their platform focuses on streamlining the electronic signing process through legally-binding eSignatures and templates.

Signaturely’s simple interface allows you to create reusable templates for the documents you send for signature regularly. Their drag-and-drop form builder lets you add signature, initial, and date fields directly to your documents. You can then send the templates for signature through the platform with just a few clicks.

Recipients receive an email with a link to review and sign the document online. They enter their legal name and sign on the signature pad or by drawing their signature. Once all recipients have signed, you receive notification that the document is complete. All activity and audit trails are logged for legal compliance and accountability.

For more complex agreements or if notarization is required, you will need an Online Notarization Solution. However, Signaturely’s core focus remains on streamlining simple electronic signatures.

Overall, Signaturely provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective eSignature solution for small businesses and teams on a budget. Their simple, pared-down features are ideal if all you ever need is to send basic agreements and contracts for electronic signature. For more advanced use cases requiring extensive form design or workflow automation, you may need to consider a more full-featured platform. But for straightforward low volume, eSigning of familiar documents, Signaturely has you covered at an affordable price.

The thing is, BlueNotary does everything that Signaturely does, and more…

BlueNotary vs. Signaturely Conclusions

As you have seen, the future of electronic signatures and notarization services looks bright. Both BlueNotary and Signaturely offer innovative solutions to streamline important legal processes that have traditionally required physical documents and in-person interactions.

With strong security, compliance with regulations, and an easy user experience, these eSignature and eNotary platforms are poised to transform the way we handle essential agreements and verifications. While BlueNotary and Signaturely take different approaches, both companies are dedicated to providing legally-binding and convenient digital alternatives.

The innovations from these and other digital transaction management services will likely make electronic signatures and remote online notarization the norm, rather than the exception, in the years to come. The future is digital, and eSignatures and eNotarization are helping us get there.

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