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How to Get a Free Electronic Signature

Use a Free Signature Maker Service Like BlueNotary

Looking to obtain a free electronic signature (e-signature)? You can get a free eSignature right here 😉. BlueNotary makes it simple and easy. BlueNotary offers a straightforward process to create and use free electronic signatures. You don’t even need to create an account on their website by providing an email address and password. You can immediately begin drawing your e-signature and then just click download.

While other platforms offer the choice of either typing your name or drawing it (and we do as well within our platform), for our free resource we only provide the ability to draw your eSignature.We recommend this anyways as it is more unique and accurate than any typing. Requirements will vary state to state so we recommend just playing it on the safe side and drawing your signature yourself.  Especially if you are needing it to create an Exemplar like in New York, Nevada or Kentucky.

Once your e-signature design is complete, BlueNotary will let you immediately download your electronic signature. You can then begin to add your e-signature to documents throughout their website, other, or even offline. BlueNotary supports adding e-signatures to popular file types such as PDFs, Word documents, and images.

Secure and Legally Binding Free eSignature Service

Using BlueNotary to obtain a free e-signature is secure and legally binding. Your signature and documents if you use BlueNotary as an eSignature platform are encrypted to guarantee confidentiality and security. BlueNotary also follows eSignature laws and regulations to ensure the legality and enforceability of electronically signed documents. In summary, BlueNotary offers an intuitive solution for designing an electronic signature and applying it to documents at no cost. With their simple user experience and security features, individuals and small businesses can take advantage of e-signatures for increased efficiency and productivity. If you need higher level document processing like notarization, you best believe they’ve got that covered too. By building your e-signature with BlueNotary handwritten signature generator and adding it to your files, you will be able to electronically sign documents in minutes through BlueNotary or other alternative signing solutions.

Create eSignature Free
Create eSignature Free

Alternatives for eSignature

If you are looking for an alternative tool to create an eSignature online for free you can do this over at OkScribble as well.

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