How to Become an Online Notary in Georgia

How to Become an Online Notary in Georgia

Let’s understand what it takes to become an online notary in Georgia.

Is Online Notarization Legal in Georgia?

No, Georgia does not allow RON (Remote Online Notarization), but it accepts properly performed online notarization by certified notaries from other states in the nation. Consequently, an online notarization conducted by a notary commissioned in a state with a RON statute is legal and executable in Georgia if carried out in compliance with the state’s laws.

What are the Requirements for Becoming an Online Notary in Georgia?

Georgia had made it clear that to complete all the document notarizations one has to go to the traditional public notary in person qualified by a state. The typical notaries have both brick-and-mortar walk-ins and mobile notary services.

Despite the fact that the traditional in-person notarization doesn’t support the same security and convenience level as RON, it still gives you an opportunity to put your wet-ink signature on the notary document guaranteeing you a physical signed copy of your notary document.

What technology and supplies do I need to perform online notarizations in Georgia?

Georgia law does not allow online notarization now, but if you are reading this at a time when it becomes legal,  you will most likely need the following supplied to perform online notarization:

  • Video Conferencing Ready Computersadasdasdq: All that’s needed is a laptop or desktop with a built-in microphone or webcam. If not available, there is no problem with using an external camera and microphone.
  • Reliable Internet: The reliability and stability of the internet is essential to ensure the absence of lagging during remote notarization.
  • Approved RON Service Provider: The state will maintain the list of companies approved to supply the platform software which is used to carry out the online notarizations. Think of it as your workplace where you get to deal with these transactions.
  • Digital Toolkit: A carefully picked RON service provider like the BlueNotary Academy will assist you in the establishment of your digital portfolio. This may include the e-diary to keep records, the electronic seal for document security, and the digital certification for your signature for the purposes of verification.

In short, you will have your basic technology setup and trust the safe portal of your selected RON service provider. They will provide you with all the digital tools that will guarantee trouble-free and safe e-notarizations.

How to Become an Online Notary in Georgia

Do I need another surety bond or E&O insurance policy in Georgia?

As we have mentioned before, Georgia does not allow for online notarizations, and even if it did, you would not be required to buy a seperate surety bond or an Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance if you already have one as a traditional public notary because this insurance covers you economically if you make an error or mistake during the notarization procedure, whether or not online or offline.

What notarial acts can be performed virtually in Georgia?

Unfortunately, notaries in Georgia are currently unable to undertake online notarizations. This implies that you must engage with a notary in person if you want your documents notarized.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Notarization in Georgia

How much does it cost to register as an Online Notary in Georgia?

Hiring a remote online notary in Georgia would be very simple and cost-effective; however, the practice is illegal in the state’s law right now. However, the cost of being an online notary changes per state; in the future, when Georgia allows for RON, it ought to range between $100 and a couple of hundred dollars. It covers the software’s price, service provider fees, and any equipment you may require.

Who can you do online notarizations for in Georgia?

Online notarization is not allowed in the State of Georgia. Therefore a notary cannot perform online notarization for anyone. This will continue to be the case, until Georgia makes it legal to become an online notary in Georgia.

Can a notary from another state notarize my Georgia documents?

Yes, any notary from a state where online notarization is allowed can legally and securely notarize your Georgia documents. The notary public will complete the online notarization in compliance with all commissioning state laws.

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