How to Add a Signature to GoogleDocs How to Add a Signature to GoogleDocs

How to Simply Insert eSignatures in GoogleDocs

GoogleDocs stands as one of the most widely used word processors worldwide.

There are 2 main methods to obtain an eSignature free for this:

  1. Use the BlueNotary free eSignature tool
  2. What might be surprising, is the ability to create digital signatures into your Google Docs seamlessly, right within the document window.

There are separate techniques to apply eSignatures to Google Docs beyond just this.

Three Techniques to Integrate eSignatures into Your Google Docs:

1. Signing by embedding a hand-drawn signature using Google Drawing

An e-signature can be added to your Google Docs by employing the Drawing tool accessible in Google Workspace.

If you are unfamiliar with it, the Drawing app serves as an in-built drawing and editing tool. While not as robust as a professional drawing application, it still gets the job done to a sufficient level for writing your signature.

To sign using Google Drawing, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Google Doc you wish to sign.

How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 1

2. Position your cursor on the line where you desire your signature to be placed.  Navigate to the uppermost toolbar and select Insert > Drawing > +New. This will trigger the in-app Drawing feature to appear directly over your GoogleDocs document.

How to eSign in GoogleDocs
How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 2

3. Within the Drawing toolbar, click or tap on the Line tool (the 4th icon from the right-hand side). From the dropdown menu, opt for “Scribble.”

How to eSign in GoogleDocs
How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 3

4. Utilize a mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen device to handwrite your signature.

How to eSign in GoogleDocs
How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 4

5. Click “Save and Close” located in the top right corner of the Google Draw window.

How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 5
How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 5

6. Upon clicking “Save and Close“, your signature’s image will be displayed in the document.

How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 6
How to eSign in GoogleDocs Step 6

To make adjustments, click or tap on the image to reveal its bounding box, and then use the handles to reshape and resize the signature image according to your preferences.

Additionally, you can modify how the image interacts with the text by altering its alignment and text wrapping options.

How to Add an eSignature to GoogleDocs
How to Add an eSignature to GoogleDocs
Reusing your signature:

If you wish to utilize the signature you created in other documents, no worries. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Edit” option for your image to return to the Drawing popup.
  2. From there, go to “Actions” > “Download” and pick your desired file type.
  3. Download the document with your signature as a JPG, PNG, PDF, or SVG file. Now, you can reuse it without having to redraw it from scratch
2. Incorporate your signature image into GoogleDocs by drag and drop.

While the Drawing tool is effective for quick signatures, it essentially involves adding an image of your signature to the document.

If you prefer to avoid working with Google Draw, especially when using G-Suite on your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet, consider using an online e-signature tool like the one below, which offers a viable alternative.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Create your Signature.
  2. Click or tap the “Download signature” button.
  3. For Mac or PC users, you can simply drag and drop the image file directly into your document.
    Alternatively, in the Google Doc, you wish to sign, go to Insert > Image and upload your signature file to the document.
  4. Fine-tune the image as desired using the resizing and text wrapping adjustment tools.

Once complete, the signature image will remain available on your device. You can use it to sign multiple documents or create pre-signed document templates with an embedded signature.

Furthermore, you have the option to upload it to Google Drive for use as an image, include it in a Microsoft Word document, or attach it to your Gmail signoff.

It’s a straightforward process!

FAQ: eSignatures in Google Docs

Q1. What is the simplest way to add an eSignature to Google Docs?
Utilize the BlueNotary free eSignature tool or Google Drawing to create and embed a hand-drawn digital signature directly within your Google Docs file. It’s quick and seamless, saving your signature for future use.

Q2. How can I reuse my signature for other Google Docs?
Save your signature via Google Drawing or BlueNotary’s eSignature tool. Download it as an image file, then simply drag and drop it into future documents or use Google Docs’ Insert > Image feature.

Q3. What are the key steps for using the Drawing tool for eSignatures?
Open your Google Doc, position the cursor, and go to Insert > Drawing > +New. Select the Scribble tool to hand-draw your signature, then Save and Close to embed it directly in the document.

Q4. Can I add an eSignature to Google Docs using my mobile device?
Yes, generate your signature with an online eSignature tool or Google Drawing on any device. Then, download the signature and upload it via Google Docs’ Insert > Image feature or by simply dragging and dropping.

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