What is a Notary?

Ever needed something notarized? Maybe you bought a house and needed a loan. Or maybe a friend gave you Power of Attorney during an emergency. Whatever the case, you probably had to find a notary. But maybe you weren’t sure where to begin. Everyone knows the term, but what is a notary?

Notaries are neutral third parties who confirms the signer is who they say they are. And they also verify the signer’s understanding and consent. Notaries play a huge role in fraud protection! They’re making sure things are done properly.

A notary is an added layer of protection in validating legal documents. And a great source of extra income. So if you’re new to the notary game, read on!

Where do I start?

If you need a notary, you can usually try the bank or post office. Sometimes you can even go to the town hall. Or, maybe, you want something even easier: eNotarization with BlueNotary.

Regardless of how you do it, notarization always require valid identification. Even online, photo ID is still needed. Luckily, high level encryption keeps your information safe.

What do Notaries do?

Notaries help prevent legal disputes over the validity of a document. They also help avoid potential misunderstandings between parties. Notaries are relied on to provide a true and accurate record.

Big decisions like buying or selling property or getting married require notaries. But that’s not the only time they’re needed. Notaries may present for major business transactions. Depositions are just part of working with loans and mergers. Some states require this for legally binding documents.

Notaries are essential to ensure authenticity of every document.

Especially when only one signature needs validation. Single signature notarization could be international money transfers. These services are priceless when it comes to keeping your data secure.

What responsibilities do Notaries have?

The signature and stamping is pretty straightforward. But there’s a little more for notaries to pay attention to. First, assuring documents are signed willingly. Just as important as consent, is the signer’s alertness. They must understand what they are signing. Forget these steps and the document is void, something no notary wants.

Notaries also must comply with State laws. This means accurate record keeping, usually with a logbook and keeping copies of documents.

Notarization is invalid if the notary has any interest in the case. For example, notaries cannot verify their own identity. They go through the process just like everyone else!

What is a Notary?

Ok, I get ‘what is a notary’, but where do I find one?

Need notarization but don’t know where to start? Luckily, there’s several way to find a convenient notary near you. The easiest? Simply use an online directory of local notaries and search with your zip code!

Of you can always check with local banks that may offer notary services on-site. Many businesses have a notary on staff. It never hurts to ask!

Or check out what online platforms can offer! eNotaries can do everything a traditional notary can. But now you can save time and money by eliminating the need for travel! Legal documents can mean an already difficult time. Take away some of that stress and stay home!

Is there a free option?

Sometimes banks offer free services for members, most likely you’ll have to pay a fee. Or try calling to see if any law firms offer notarization services. Most only do this for clients, but may still notarize for a fee.

Be specific when asking what kind of documents they notarize. Don’t waste your own time, ask before making an appointment or visiting an office. Basic documents can be done anywhere, but some are more complicated ones may have different standards.

Can I do this remotely?

Yes! Video conferencing platforms like BlueNotary facilitate secure audio/video sessions. And we use bank grade encryption to keep you safe.

What documents need notarization?

Notarization is a requirement in most States. It authenticates signatures on legal forms and other important documents.

This could be affidavits, deeds, contracts, or mortgage paperwork. In some cases, banks may notarize some forms to open an account.

How does it work?

1) The person signing must present valid identification such as a driver’s license or passport;
2) That person must sign the document in front of the notary;
3) The notary must verify the identification and then sign and seal the document with their official stamp affixed.

Once this process is completed, the document can then be used as evidence in court if necessary.

Before signing anything, it’s important to read them carefully. Especially legally binding agreements. If you have questions about what you’re signing, you may want to contact your local courthouse or a private attorney.

Benefits of eNotarization

For Businesses

eNotaries offer the same services for less money. Remote notarization is especially vital for clients who may not be in the same location. Coordinating schedules can be a hassle resulting in costly delays. eNotaries use secure digital platforms to authentic documentation. Both you and your clients can rest easy knowing BlueNotary uses bank grade encryption to protect all data transfers.

For Individuals

Health concerns and remote areas make in person appointments difficult for a lot of people. But with eNotarization, they still get access to the same services online.

No more looking for banks with extended hours. Or rearranging your schedule to make room for a 2 hour meeting with a notary. BlueNotary offers flexibility so paperwork is done quickly! This is huge for urgent matters, like taxes or estate planning.

The Bottom Line

For saving time and money, eNotarization is a game changer. Moving online is more than just a convenience, it’s necessary to keep up with changing times. And high level security lets you actually enjoy all that time you save.

Notaries are important and helpful in a variety of situations. From a living will to legal documents, BueNotary has you covered. If you need a notary, look no further! Sign up and schedule your eNotarization session today!