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What’s the buzz with biometrics?

Biometrics is a new form of cybersecurity technology that has only reached consumer hands at an affordable price point relatively recently. Already, biometrics are changing the way that humans do business (especially anything done on your phone). Is your company taking advantage of Biometrics to the fullest extent? It’s important to recognize a few different forms and how they’re going to change the way business is done in the future.

Biometric Legal Expedition

As many of these Biometric tools become more common, more and more businesses are turning to them to save time and money.

This could be something as simple as making a payment or purchase on your phone without signing in and instead trusting facial recognition and your thumbprint or it could even relate to more serious legal matters.

One thing is for certain, biometric technology is making everything happen faster.  The legal world is becoming more efficient.

Biometric effect on Notarization

Historically Notarization has been a form of witnessing required to conduct legal transactions and executions.  Truth be told, it was one of the more time cumbersome factors involved in getting business deals and real estate transactions done.  Travel often had to take for at least 1 if not multiple parties.

Recent Online Notarization laws have made this process much simpler allowing people to get documents signed from across state lines and without having to travel.  Biometric ID Proofing in the industry has brought this legal doc signing process fully into the 2020’s saving hours and hours for all involved.

Biometric Verification also helps people with limited housing history in the United States who would otherwise have to verify to sign legal docs through KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) KBA requires users to verify their identity based on past US residential history, that some of these individuals may not have.

Perhaps most important of all, biometric verification is the fastest and most effective form of credential analysis, making it the safe bet for the future.

States that Allow Biometric Authentication for RON

At present, Biometrics ID Proofing is live in Montana, Wyoming, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Utah, Illinois, Oregon, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. If you are a notary from any of these states, it’s a booming time to get into the Remote Online Notarization business and help your clients get legal docs signed quickly.

How BlueNotary will perform Biometrics in the future, colourized.

Can Biometrics Stop Identity Theft in RON?

Biometrics can help to stop identity theft regarding RON cold in its tracks.  Here’s how:

We in the industy use what is known as “Two-factor authentication”.  This consists of a passing a test of at least 2 of these 3 things. 

  • One is something you know (your PIN or password)
  • One is something you have (a passport or driver’s license)
  • One is something you are (some form of biometrics).

Two-Factor Authentication is actually more secure than a just Face-ID by itself. Technology is not quite to the point of matching a real human’s innate capabilities. That’s why we use more than one tool to authenticate.

When it comes do doing Remote Online Notarizations, this usually comes in the form of KBA authorization (something you know) and something you have (a passport or drivers license).

We at BlueNotary thought we could save you some time and offer Facial Recognition Biometric Scanning to make doing your legal work as quick and seamless as possible.

We made a video demonstrating how to do just this:

Save your business and customers time and money

Biometric Types:

Behavioral Biometrics – This is the cheapest and easiest form of biometrics and it is also the easiest to hack.  A good example of this is captchas that the user is required to perform in order to prove they’re not a robot.  This can help prevent brute force attacks.  There are more advanced forms though like analyzing the way a person walks or any small interactive gesture that can’t be replicated by a computer.

Facial Recognition – This is the most common option that we see nowadays outside of captcha’s.  You might have used facial recognition while signing up for your bank account, PayPal, or perhaps to unlock your iPad or iPhone.

Fingerprint and Palm Vein Analysis – The more convenient method to unlock your phone is to use fingerprint analysis.  While some users might not like the idea of their fingerprints being in a database, most people have nothing to hide and are more than comfortable to provide their thumbprint for verification in exchange for the saved time and headspace.

Voice Recognition – Voice recognition is just what it sounds like. This is already being implemented commercially. Amazon’s Alexa uses Voice Recognition in order to allow users to access to your music and news. However, this is not a very secure form of biometrics due to recordings.

Eye Scans – Seen in all kinds of movies from Pixar’s Star Trek to the Incredibles, this involves a device scanning your eye for a few seconds.  In a very fitting sci-fi way, it is considered to be the most accurate form of biometrics.  However this one isn’t as common in consumer products yet, but with new technology like LiDAR cameras becoming ubiquitous with Apple phones and tablets this tech might not be too far off.

Biometrics in Medicine

Biometric measurements can be large or small. The microscopic measurements are where Biometrics is proving most useful in the fields of Biotechnology and Medicine.

DNA biometrics are slowly becoming industry relevant and affordable. The price of DNA sequencing has dropped 4000% since the year 2001. and DNA biometrics are already being used in the court of law determine paternity as well as in medicine.

Biometric Conclusions

Biometrics are useful to address just some of the security concerns with E-closing. Don’t worry though, we’ve taken care of the rest of them.

When you don’t have to worry about watching your back
You can worry about the things that really matter, like your business and sanity.

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