An In-Person Notarization typically requires the signer to appear in person before a notary public to identify themselves, sign documents, and acknowledge the signing. The notary will then verify their identity using valid government-issued ID, ask questions about the document being signed, and administer an oath or affirmation that confirms signing is voluntary and done with full knowledge of its contents. Once the notary is satisfied that all requirements have been met, they will witness and notarize the document by stamping or affixing their seal.

Is a Mobile Notary the same as In-Person notarization?

Yes. A mobile notary is a remote version of in-person notarization that is conducted at an office. The signer still has to physically appear before a notary, but in this case the notary will come out to meet you where ever you might be. There will usually be a service fee as you have to account for the notary’s time and travel. The same rules apply for a mobile notary as an in-person one – the signer must identify themselves, provide valid ID, answer questions about the document, state that they are signing voluntarily with full knowledge of its contents, etc.

Introducing Online Notarization, the Newest Easiest Iteration

Online Notarization is the newest, most streamlined iteration of notarization. It allows for a fully remote process with no need for an in-person appearance or even a mobile notary visit.

Through digital technology and secure identity verification tools, Online Notarization enables signers to appear before a certified notary public from any location using a computer, tablet or smartphone. The notary is able to authenticate the signer’s identity and verify their willingness to sign the document in question, even if they are physically located miles away. The notary just needs to be in the same state they are commissioned. The signer can be in the next state over or even in an entirely different country.

After the signer has completed all of the required steps, their signature will be securely stored and a digital certificate issued that verifies that it was notarized. The entire process is much faster, more secure and cost effective than traditional in-person or mobile notarization. It’s quickly becoming the preferred method for companies that require notarized documents.

Online Notarization is a great new way to notarize documents without the hassle of having to step away from your computer.

The Difference Between a Standard Notarization and an Online Notarization

The main difference between a standard notarization and an online notarization is the fact that the notarization is made and stored digitally and it can be done anytime, anywhere. It also eliminates the need for a third-party witness to need to travel as well, as they can just hop in online in the same notarization session. The documents are also stored securely and can be easily accessed by both parties at any time.

In addition, online notarization is more cost effective than traditional notarization since there are no travel costs or time wasted waiting for the signer and notary to meet in person. It also provides a more secure, efficient, and compliant way to complete transactions quickly by eliminating errors that may occur with manual processes.

As online notarization continues to gain traction among businesses and individuals alike, it’s important to understand the differences between the two methods to ensure the best possible experience. By understanding these differences, users are able to make informed decisions about which method works best for their specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a quick, secure way to have documents notarized or need an efficient method that is compliant with the law, online notarization is quickly becoming the preferred method for remote document signing.

Simplifying the Notarization Process

Online notarization companies like BlueNotary offer fast, secure document authentication and notary services from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is scan or upload a copy of your document online, agree to their terms and conditions, provide valid identity proof (such as a driver’s license or biometrics), enter payment details, and you’ll be able to get your documents notarized within minutes.

BlueNotary’s 9.6/10 star reviews from TrustPilot show how easy and reputable their online notarization is and with 24/7 Live chat support, we’re always there to support with any questions you might have.

How Does BlueNotary Work?

Using a service like BlueNotary will save you time and money since you don’t need to find and schedule with an in-person notary. Plus, the BlueNotary platform is secure and simple.

We can break down the whole process into three steps:

  1. Enter your email on the front page of BlueNotary
  2. Follow the Directions in your Email and upload your Document + ID
  3. Meet the Commissioned Notary and complete your signing

The entire process start to finish can take less than 10 minutes for a Notary Acknowledgement. BlueNotary even makes it easy for foreigners with their biometric identity proofing.

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What’s The Difference Between an In-person and an Online Notarization?