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How to Write a Professional Business Quote

Writing a professional business quote doesn’t have to be difficult. By following these simple steps, you can easily and quickly create quotes that will make your clients happy. Step 1: Know the Basics – Before you begin writing, it’s important to understand what should be included in your quote and the language you should use. […]

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The future of eClosing: 6 Benefits of eNotes

Still looking to sign your closing papers with pen and paper? Move online and use eNotes to facilitate an entirely online closing. What is eClosing? A full eClosing will include all the following elements: Electronic documents: Loan package documents are sent digitally to the borrower to get their eSignature eSignature (Electronic signatures): A Secretary of […]

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Get Documents Notarized After Hours

If you need documents notarized after hours, you don’t have to wait until the next business day. With many convenient solutions available, you can get your documents notarized at any time of the day or night. One great option is to use a mobile notary service. These services provide professional and licensed notaries who will […]

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Towed Car! Do you Need A Vehicle Release Form?

If your car has been towed, you may be required to fill out a Vehicle Release Form in order to have the vehicle released from the tow lot. A Vehicle Release Form is a legal document that contains important information pertaining to the vehicle, including its license plate number and a description of the make, […]

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How to get Temporary Guardianship without Court

How to get Temporary Guardianship without Court? A temporary guardianship without court is an arrangement where a guardian has the authority to care for someone else’s child, usually on an interim basis. This type of guardianship does not involve going to court and can be arranged with or without the consent of the parents. One […]

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A More Specialized Alternative to Adobe Sign

When you switch from Adobe Sign (once known as EchoSign) to BlueNotary you can expect premium support increased flexibility. Here’s why. What can BlueNotary do that Adobe Sign cannot? BlueNotary is a secure e-signature platform that offers next-level document security, advanced automation for ease of use, and real-time analytics to track signature progress. It also […]

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Hague Apostille Country List

  Hague Apostille Country List Over 120 contracted parties and 113 countries are participants in the Apostille Convention (Hague Treaty Convention) including the United States of America. The Apostille Convention is also known as the Apostille Treaty.   Hague Apostille Convention List: Albania Georgia Oman Andorra Germany   Antigua and Barbuda Greece Palau Argentina Grenada […]

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What is a SAFE note? All you need to know

How do SAFE notes work? A safe note is a type of security issued by an issuer to investors, usually in the form of debt or equity. It provides protection against financial losses due to changes in market conditions and offers higher rates of return than other investments. Safe notes are often used as collateral […]

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Does my state require Notaries to have a Bond?

What states require Notary’s to have a bond? The following states require Notaries to purchase and maintain surety bonds: Alabama – $25,000 Notary surety bond for 4 years Alaska – $2,500 Notary surety bond for 4 years Arizona – $5,000 Notary surety bond for 4 years Arkansas – $7,500 Notary surety bond for 10 years […]

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Car Title Notary

Car Title Notary Bet you didn’t realize that you would need to purchase one of these when you were buying a new car? You’re not really buying a notary, you’re jut buying their services for a short time to notarize your car title. This is a service provided by licensed notaries that specializes in vehicle […]