BlueNotary is Hipaa Compliant! BlueNotary is Hipaa Compliant!

BlueNotary is HIPAA Compliant

Are you a notary concerned about properly storing and managing electronic documents in accordance with HIPAA regulations? Do you need to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all electronic transmissions or communications?  Wondering if BlueNotary is HIPAA compliant?

Not only do we provide multi-factor authentication for document access, our encrypted storage keeps your data secure. With cutting-edge security measures, BlueNotary  guarantees that confidential information is kept that way.

BlueNotary is HIPAA Compliant

What is HIPAA and why does it matter for electronic documents?

Established in 1996, HIPAA protects the privacy of individual’s medical records and personal health information, especially as it relates to electronic documents. As our world becomes increasingly digital, the importance of adhering to HIPAA regulations cannot be overstated.

Parties can rest easy knowing that their sensitive data is safeguarded by strict security protocols. Any misuse or unauthorized access carries serious consequences for the violators. Next time you visit your doctor or access your medical records online, remember that HIPAA is working diligently behind the scenes to ensure your privacy.

What security measures are necessary to be HIPAA compliant?

While complex passwords can effective in preventing unauthorized access, it is not sufficient alone. Multi-factor authentication with stronger anti-phishing protocols such as biometrics, KBA, and/or keycards should be implemented in combination with regular updates on employee passwords.

Encryption of documents adds an extra layer of security that makes hacking nearly impossible. This is vital for all sensitive documents. BlueNotary provides the necessary levels of protection that you need  to maintain  confidential records.

BlueNotary uses multi-factor authentication ensuring HIPAA regulation compliance.  Data remains safe on BlueNotary’s secured platform while providing users with an experience they can trust.

BlueNotary is HIPAA Compliant

Understanding the importance of protecting sensitive medical information, BlueNotary seamlessly integrates secure encryption and efficient data handling practices to safeguard your information. Streamlining these processes reduces the likelihood of human error  typically leading to HIPAA violations.

Ultimately, HIPAA compliance is necessary for any company working with electronic documents. BlueNotary delivers a secure solution, ensuring confidential files are protected from unauthorized access. With multi-factor authentication and encryption of all documents, BlueNotary meets HIPAA’s strict guidelines. You can rest assured you and/or your client’s sensitive data is thoroughly safeguarded.

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