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Creating Win-Win Outcomes in Divorces

Navigating a divorce or custody battle can be an emotionally draining process that leaves both parties feeling overwhelmed. With so much at stake, the wrong decision could have long-lasting implications. However, it is possible to come to an agreement to benefit everyone. And the way to get that legally binding is via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

An MOU allows divorcing families to take control of their case instead of leaving important family decisions up to a judge. Mediators help couples craft creative solutions tailored specifically for them – resulting in win-win outcomes on all sides. Let’s explore how MOUs set the stage for positive future relationships.

What is a memorandum of understanding?

A MOU is a type of agreement between two or more parties. It outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement, and is often used in business or legal contexts. MOUs can be used to document any type of agreement, from a simple contract between two people to a complex treaty between nations. They are often less formal than contracts, and can be created without the need for lawyers or other professionals.

What are the benefits of a MOU?

Reaching an agreement outside of Court is everything. When spouses agree on everything, there is no need for a Judge to review the case and make decisions.

When exes fight in Court, anger and resentment grows. This animosity damages and can destroy the relationship entirely. When parties reach an agreement outside of Court, they are more likely to stay friendly with each other and be able to co-parent their children together.

Do MOUs have to be notarized?

While MOUs do not have to be notarized, it is often a good idea to do so. If only to support the validity of the document. If someone tries to challenge the terms of the agreement, notarization protects both sides.

Divorcing couples can reach win-win agreements to avoid possible negative outcomes, like custody battles. If you are considering entering into an MOU, get it notarized easily online with BlueNotary.