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Streamlining Real Estate Transactions: Transaction Coordinators

In the fast-paced world of business and real estate transactions, time is money. The traditional process of searching for a mobile notary, scheduling appointments, and waiting for their physical presence can often lead to frustrating delays. However, with the power of technology and the collaboration between virtual notaries and transaction coordinators, these inefficiencies are becoming […]

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Untapped Markets: Public Adjusters

Welcome to the next part of our series on untapped markets! In this installment, we will delve into a unique industry that offers great potential for expanding your client base as a notary. By partnering with Public Adjusters, you can diversify your services beyond traditional loan signings and tap into a niche market that is […]

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Does my State Recognize Notarizations from Another State?

Does my State Recognize a notarization from another state?  It’s a fairly common question and one that in most cases has been addressed a long time ago.  People have been moving states since the times of Louis and Clark and have needed proper documentation for well over 100 years. Online notarization allows you to immediately […]

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Notary Spotlight: Celebrating Tiffany Myles, an Inspiring Leader in the Notary Community

Notary Spotlight: Celebrating Tiffany Myles, an Inspiring Leader in the Notary Community BlueNotary proudly shines the spotlight on Tiffany Myles, an exceptional notary hailing from Arizona, whose remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication have made a lasting impact on the field. With her wealth of experience, exceptional leadership qualities, and a genuine passion for helping others, […]

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How much does it Cost to Become a Notary?

Becoming a notary public can be an appealing career path for those seeking an in-demand skill set with the potential for financial reward. As a notary, you are able to provide an important service to your community by administering oaths and verifying the identities of individuals. However, before you can start operating as an official […]

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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Networking Events

Networking events offer valuable opportunities for notaries to expand their connections, exchange knowledge, and unlock new career possibilities. Whether you’re an experienced notary or just starting your journey, finding the right networking events can significantly impact your professional growth. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate the vast landscape of networking events in the United States, […]

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Getting Started as a Notary: Test With A Friend Tip

In this article, I will provide you with some useful information and a pro tip to help you get started smoothly as a new notary. Additionally, I’ll share a valuable method for practicing tests with friends without relying on family members or close acquaintances. Let’s dive in! Mock Sessions for Testing: One of the essential […]

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Checklist for Remote Online Notaries (RONs) | BlueNotary

  Mastering the art of a smooth notarization process is essential to ensure that no steps are overlooked. Feel free to tailor this checklist to your specific requirements and incorporate any additional steps that reflect your unique approach to notarization. By adhering to a well-structured process, you can enhance the reliability, efficiency, and professionalism of […]

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Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Hybrid Law Firms: Embracing Technology and Future Possibilities

As the legal profession undergoes a significant transformation, law firms are embracing new ways of operating to meet the evolving needs of clients and lawyers alike. One powerful tool that has emerged in this changing landscape is virtual notarization, revolutionizing the way legal documents are authenticated and executed. Virtual notarization, facilitated BlueNotary, offers law firms […]

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How to get a Kentucky Electronic Notary Exemplar

What is the Kentucky Electronic Notary Exemplar? The signature and seal Kentucky notaries use to conduct online notarizations are together known as the “exemplar.” It’s a fancy way of saying example. 😉 Where can I get a Kentucky electronic notary exemplar? You will need to obtain your electronic Exemplar from your RON Service Provider. BlueNotary provides this […]