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Are you looking for a reliable and secure way to get your documents notarized? If so, then BlueNotary is the perfect platform for you.

With its advanced online notary system, BlueNotary can help make the process of getting documents notarized faster and easier than ever before. From legal firms to businesses, anyone who needs to have their documents notarized will find that BlueNotary provides an unparalleled level of convenience and security.

You can forget about searching the web to find a “notary near me” or struggling to find traditional notary public services near you. With BlueNotary’s secure system, you have everything you need to get your paperwork in order quickly and securely. So if you’re ready to learn more about how this revolutionary service can help streamline your document processing, keep reading!

Meet BlueNotary

With the rise of digitalization, notarizing documents online is now a reality in many states. Gone are the days of having to search for “notary services near me” and wait on an available notary. With BlueNotary, accessing legal document services has never been easier. Though there are still some locations where it isn’t yet offered, those that do have access should take advantage of this convenient service.

Founded by a group of people who work in the tech industry, BlueNotary is taking a traditional service and making it more efficient and secure with technology. They are revolutionizing the notarization process by providing an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person methods. With their Remote Online Notarization (RON) platform, clients can now get documents securely notarized 24/7 from anywhere with the added advantage of being legal in all 50 states.

No longer will you have to wait for days or travel long distances; with just a few clicks on your computer or mobile device, you’ll be able to access trustworthy online services whenever it’s convenient for you.

Online Notarization from a Laptop
Online Notarization from a Laptop

BlueNotary: A Better Alternative to Traditional Notarizing

Getting documents notarized in person can be an incredibly cumbersome and inconvenient process. For starters, it can be difficult to find a qualified notary near you, especially if you don’t live in a densely populated area. Even if there is one nearby, you’ll likely have to travel or take public transportation to get there – and that’s assuming they have availability when you need it.

On top of that, the time spent traveling and waiting for your document to get notarized could cost your business precious resources as well as employee time. This is why BlueNotary was created: to provide an easier way for people to get their documents legally notarized without having to go through the hassle of traditional methods.

For example, the video technology at BlueNotary allows all parties involved to be seen and heard in real-time to ensure accuracy. This also prevents any “he said she said” discrepancies.

Additionally, this platform allows users to do everything online without having to physically show up at a location, making it more convenient for younger generations who are used to finding digital alternatives on the internet. All in all, BlueNotary provides a smarter way of notarizing documents compared to traditional methods.

The BlueNotary Process

As this platform leads the way in Remote Online Notarization, signing documents securely has never been more convenient. BlueNotary simplifies the notarization process, making it just three quick and easy steps.

  • Upload your documents

A go-to tool for quickly and safely notarizing all of your important documents online. You can upload any digital document or image for convenient processing – all in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Verify your identity

BlueNotary uses advanced bank-grade security processes to make certain every signer is legitimate. This is a much higher level of protection than traditional paper-based methods.

  • Meet the notary

Hop on an interactive video/audio call to meet with a certified notary public. Then sign off, seal it up, and send it away!

Ultimately, you can avoid the hassle of long lines and high costs associated with traditional notarization by taking advantage of BlueNotary’s convenient online process.

Who Does BlueNotary Serve?

BlueNotary services are designed to provide peace of mind so that you know your document has been properly processed every step of the way. They can provide a reliable source of notary services to:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Title agents
  • Notaries

With their experienced team of professionals, they can help ensure that your document is signed and completed correctly.  Whether it be for legal purposes such as wills, contracts, or real estate transactions – having an experienced professional on hand to review and validate all paperwork is essential. They also offer affordable plans for each of the areas listed above to help anyone connect with the right notary public.

BlueNotary is also a great resource for businesses that want to modernize their processes. They offer notary services at a competitive price, allowing professionals to focus more on providing the best possible service to clients.

For title agents specifically, their signing services are perfect for credit loans, home refinancing, and HELOCs, as well as mortgages. In addition, their value proposition applies to all of these services. This means you get quality notarization with no extra fees or hidden costs.

Through BlueNotary’s platform, businesses like law firms can easily find a notary public near them and make sure everything is done correctly and professionally so they can focus on providing the best service possible.

Whether you need a single document signed or multiple documents certified, BlueNotary can help make the process more convenient for all parties involved. With BlueNotary, finding a “notary near me” has never been simpler.

The Power of Digital Notarization


BlueNotary is shaking up the notarization process by recently launching an innovative web-based platform that leverages in-person electronic notarization (IPEN).

IPEN is a technology-driven process that allows for the remote notarization of electronic documents, providing greater convenience and flexibility to clients. With more states passing legislation allowing this increasingly popular method, it has become much easier to witness and verify signatures without needing an in-person interaction between the signer and notary – all that someone who is looking to get documents notarized needs is access to the internet!

The robust infrastructure and lack of need for special apps or devices make BluNotary’s IPEN platform an ideal choice in today’s digital world, allowing people to complete their documents from any location with internet access. The BlueNotary IPEN platform makes it easier than ever before for those searching “mobile notary near me” to get reliable and secure services when needed. They are truly setting themselves apart as one of the leading platforms when it comes to Remote Online Notarization.

IPEN for in-person signings
IPEN for in-person signings


Biometrics is transforming the way everyone does business and providing a new layer of security to our online activities. This high-tech approach uses sophisticated measurements and analysis of physical and behavioral traits such as:

  • Fingerprints
  • Iris patterns
  • Facial features
  • Voice recognition

As the cost has become more affordable in recent years, biometric technology has made its way into consumers’ hands. This makes it easier than ever before to secure digital assets from prying eyes. Naturally, BlueNotary uses this technology to better secure their identity verification process.

BlueNotary offers a comprehensive two-step identification system that combines biometric scanning with live credential verification to ensure the signer’s identity. Their facial scans, combined with knowledge-based identification (KBA) questions and physical ID analysis provide an extra layer of security that helps protect against fraud.

Blockchain Security

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we store and secure digital transactions. It utilizes cryptographic hashing to create a decentralized, immutable ledger system that prevents unauthorized access from third parties or revalidation of sensitive information. As data security concerns rise, blockchain offers an innovative solution for providing enhanced transaction protection. Ultimately making it worth considering when looking for ways to securely manage cloud data storage.

Along those lines, blockchain technology has improved the way we handle RONs, providing an increased level of security and reliability. By utilizing blockchain technology instead of a public key infrastructure (PKI) framework, real estate transactions and legal documents (like wills) can be made more secure than ever before. This means that individuals concerned with safeguarding their assets or ensuring a safe transfer of ownership have greater peace of mind when it comes to these important processes.

BlueNotary is transforming the security of digital documents with their new partnership with Bloock, a leading blockchain technology firm. This cutting-edge collaboration has yielded BlueChain. This is an unprecedented level of document protection that promises to protect users from any form of malicious cyber activity.

The Benefits of Using BlueNotary

Ultimate Efficiency

Notarizing has never been simpler. With BlueNotary, all you need to do is upload your document to their secure servers and follow the easy-to-use prompt for identity authentication.

You’ll then be able to connect with a commissioned notary public in an online video meeting, where you can review, sign off on, and complete the notarization process – including having them stamp their seal onto it.

In just 10 minutes or less of effort from start to finish, you’ll have access to download your finalized documents.

Independent Notaries

Notaries Public play a vital role in protecting citizens from fraud and identity theft, making them essential to the American economy. Becoming a notary is an excellent way to earn extra income or boost your career prospects and BlueNotary can help.

BlueNotary offers plans for independent notaries who wish to pursue this opportunity. By witnessing and authenticating important documents such as mortgage papers, contracts, and power of attorney forms, these professionals are helping ensure that our most pivotal life transactions remain safe and secure. BlueNotary also plans to expand into courses, where notaries can get approved in their state.

Documents Notarized at Any Time

Need documents notarized after hours? You could use mobile notary services, but the simplest option will be to use an online notary service like BlueNotary. Their services allow you to have documents notarized without ever leaving your home.

All you have to do is upload the documents, complete an online form, and then the notary will review and notarize the document online. It’s fast, secure, and available anytime day or night.

Online notarization is the way of the future, allowing you to get your documents quickly taken care of whenever it best fits into your schedule. Not only that, but online services provide a secure and efficient method for storing all related paperwork in one place; making it easier than ever before to manage. With so many options available for after-hours notarizations, getting those important papers done has never been simpler or more stress-free.

Standardized Notarization on A Federal Level

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and the American Land Title Association (ALTA) have joined forces to revolutionize real estate transactions by introducing Remote Online Notarization.

This remarkable development has enabled 43 states, including Washington D.C., to pass laws permitting RON for financial dealings,  paving the way towards a fully digital mortgage experience. With their ultimate goal of achieving consistent state legislation across all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico, MBA & ALTA are transforming how we interact with mortgages today.


BlueNotary is the premier provider of online notarization services, offering unparalleled security and compliance coupled with a user-friendly interface. Their competitively priced plans ensure that you get access to the best customer service team available in order to guarantee your success.

BlueNotary stands out from the rest with its commitment to delivering exceptional results. They are the go-to online notarization software solution for businesses looking to streamline operations and satisfy legal requirements. Their secure platform and modernized processes make it easy for you to notarize documents quickly and securely, giving you peace of mind in your work.

Stop searching “Notary near me” and make your life easier with BlueNotary’s online document notarization service! Get all the convenience of getting documents notarized online, without having to worry about finding someone local. Discover more about how BlueNotary works today.

How to Find an Online Notary Near Me
How to Find an Online Notary Near Me
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